Containers vs lag/disconnects

have you guys ever thought of making items in containers unavailable until you actually open the containers( dead bodies, chests, vaults, ect…). the way things are now lets say theres a bag with 100 items in it on the ground. you can see whats in them before u actually access the container. seems to me if you had to access the contsiner before theyre available it would cut down on server lag, rendering issues, and disconnects as it would cut down on the use of server resources. just a thought. im not a programmer :wink:


It used to be that you only saw content of containers when you selected said container. I lag throughout my base and sometimes accidently out my door and over the cliff edge because of this “feature”. I know the content of my chests (mostly) and would like to turn off this content preview in game settings… PLEASE!!!

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I installed Conan Exiles on an SSD this fixes these freezes, lags and stutterings for me.
Sadly the SSD is my Windows drive and is to small to keep Conan Exiles permanent on it.
Need to buy another SSD for Conan soon. :sweat:

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