Continuing the discussion from [Bases disappearing in offline](

Continuing the discussion from Bases disappearing in offline:

Hi i have the same issue on 3510, theres a clan with the name Serpent Society on the server, i managed to find them on my log, they had summon the Gods, is that possible on PvE? In my opinion there using some cheat codes, my structures say lost stability, o tho i was there yestarday and its on vacation mode as well, my log says dismantle by…and no name, in the short past, they have dismantle structures that i have very recently regenarate and manage to kill 3/4 level 20 thralls i had, il say there using some building exploid some friends said to me, can you guys come on server and check them out…Please , i have 2/3 bases still standind, dont want to loose them as well, been playing since beggining that game came out, Please HELP.

Hi @ZaiChef79 and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

If you are suspecting any players/clans of violating our Official server rules, please feel free to submit a ticket in Zendesk so that the team can look into this further.

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