Continuous death with being crippled by hyena

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Asia #1326]

I experienced continuous death,can’t move at respawn point ,can’t see box and can’t access door

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.I fight to hyena.
2.The hyena crippled me.
3.Few second lag occurred while fighting .
4.The crippled condition has disappeared.
5.I kill the hyena.
6.Few minutes later suddenly I was crippled again and dead.
7.I respawn and keep being crippled condition,so i dead in few seconds(it repeated about 10 times).
8.I quit and login the game again.
9.Automatically respawn in the desert and i can’t move from respawn point.
10.I quit and login the game again.
11.I run to some enemy to be dead and go back to bed in my base.
12.The hyena appear in my base and kill me in few seconds(it repeated …).
13.Miraculously i run away from hyena,get my weapon, and kill the hyena.
14.When I return to my base,I can’t see my bed and box.
15.I run to some enemy to be dead and go back to bed in my base.
16.I can see my bed and box.i get items and go to another base.
17.I can’t see the door of the another I removed wall of base and I entered to my base.
18.I built a forge but I can’t see the forge.
19.I quit the game.
20.I report you
Another issue:
Yesterday,Suddenly I experienced desert storm without visual effect, and my dead body disappeared.

Seems like some loading unable to be done or beeing loading stuff really slow, next time u enter the game lower graphics and try to check server lag before entering the game. Also u do not need to go to an enemy to die , just esc->remove bracelet will do the job. The cripple effect u see is because of something(probably the hyena u mention is attacking u even though not rendered anymore) . Seems that u have build ur base on a spawn point, resulting to the following fact: when u enter the game , ur pc tries to load, as the world loads, the game loads 1st its default layout (meaning all npcs and nodes where ur base supposed to be load 1st), and then slowly applies ur base in the world. Probably ur pc or the server responce is slower than needed to despawn the hyena at ur loading position, so it attacks u and kills u. The cripple effect is a sign that something attacks u even though not rendered yet, but cripple itself does NO damage to u (only slows u down). Place an armed thrall where u “wake up” should make short work of the hyena as u load. Other than what i explained above, i have no other suggestions (a third would be to move base or sleeping room out of the hyena spawn point). Try them with this order: a) lower graphics, b)place thrall and if nothing works, move ur bedroom a bit. Hope it helps

Thank you for your reply.I tried to play with lower graphics,but it did’t works.You said “not rendered”,so I searched information about this issue on google,and i found people has same issue on PC and PS4pro. Maybe original PS4 does not have this issue.The PS4pro user fixed it with using SSD.This issue called “invisible thralls/storm/enemies/etc…” in this website.I think the hyena crippled me was invisible enemy.It followed me and entered my base.So I experienced dying repeatedly in my base.It makes sense.I met a invisible crocodile today,and my thrall helped me.I installed this game on HDD, so i plan to install the game on SSD or enter the game with more more lower graphic.

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