Continuous Disconnects after patch

Online PVE Server

Once you log into the game you get a Disconnected from Server notice about 3 minutes into playing and you are thrown out.

Server is showing a Ping of 9999 as are many others

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Log in
2.Do anything
4.Get kicked out

How is the server hosted?

No idea, but from what I am seeing in other posts its because of the last 2 patches, and definitely today’s patch because none of this was happening yesterday!

Who is your host? Are you renting the server?

I am an admin on a modded private server and are having the same issues, our server is through a company called Streamline. We usually have no issues with our provider.

Thanks, Aphrodite. We have identified that GTX also have problems with their servers after the update. Some of the other hosts are running fine.

The issue appears to be related to the server configuration used by some hosts and the SteamQuery port connection.

@Ignasi considering the amount of servers being affected, we would appreciate any information that you may have and able to share in order to help the hosts to resolve this issue quicker.

I have very little knowledge about the insides of my server lol Is this something that I need the owner to put in a ticket to streamline about or is this going to be another hot fix on funcoms side? If you know that is.

GTXGaming is definitely having the problem. I created a new server on June 7th and started having lag issues almost immediately. It is a plain vanilla server. No mods at all. I have a 1GB pipe and live in Dallas, Texas. The server is located in Dallas, Texas. I should have a negligible ping but this is not the case. Frequent rubber-banding.

As of a few days ago, the lag got worse and I started getting disconnects. I was in the den trying to get thralls and had an issue where it got completely out of sync with the server. I was running towards the back wall and the thralls were all running against a wall behind me but I was taking more and more bleed damage. I died and chose to respawn on my bed. I respawned in the desert. I tried to remove my bracelet to die and respawn on my bed but it would not kill me.

I disconnected myself since the system was TOTALLY de-synced. Was able to reconnect, kill myself, respawn on my bed and recover my items from my corpse since my base was close to where I died.

@DraconisGold They have an announcement for their data center in Dallas. They informed that they are having issues and looking into it. A few weeks ago I remember that our US server had an outage as well.

From their support:

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I have been corresponding with them over the last couple of hours and none of their support has mentioned this. I am guessing that issue has already been corrected. Their support reps (two different support persons including a manager) are still directing me to these forum posts saying it is a FunCom issue.

I just want to play the game without lag and disconnects. :slight_smile:



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