Control two characters on the same server with the same account

Sometimes we just want more of the game, for him to give you more.

  • The possibility of deeper and more dynamic exploration. “one character in the south and one in the east.”
  • It would break the problem of transferring characters from server “A” to server “B”, if he already had a character on server B.
  • Automatically from the same clan (No clan? Putting the second character is now clan XX)
  • It could have a man and a woman in its control, making the casual player experience more of the game. (in that aspect of experiencing differences)

Things to think about:

  • Change char during the game or just when entering the server.
  • Use the char (not chosen) as a lackey or let him sleep.

This in fact would be to add, it would not change the scheme of the survival game, since it is a game mostly in the 3rd person. You are not the character, you control the character. Unlike ARK, the focus is on 1st person (and that’s why I find it boring.).

I don’t see that happening. There’s a reason why the upcoming changes will make it so that family-share accounts won’t work on official servers. What you’re proposing would lead to the same kind of problems they’re trying to fix with this change.


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