Controller button issue?


i play on steam with a controller. last night no issues with use of contro0ller functions. put a named armor (oisun the smith) on the wheel logged off. logged on this morning and checked on named thrall, but noticed for some reason the game mixed up my controller buttons, i checked the in game settings and they were all correctly laid out but in game they were all messed up, for instance jump was B now and dodge roll was A. but i didnt notice this until after i had highlighted my T4 named thrall on the wheel and when the error popped up about removing it, i of course hit the button that was cancell which would have been the B button but i hit the B button and it deleted it. it was 96% completed. seriously, i have checked 4-5 other games i play on steam with a controller and they all work fine with the exception of this buggy game.

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