Convergence Trap no longer used in Maelstrom?

Convergence Trap seems to be changed into a Purge Mechanic and no longer uses Decaying Eldarium as fuel to generate resources in the Maelstrom.

What mechanic replaces the Convergence Trap to generate the resources it used to generate?

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Correct. Might help to read the patch notes.

I saw both comments in the patch notes that say:

You can also use a convergence trap to provoke a purge. This can be quite handy because human attackers can be captured as thralls and their bosses may even drop fragments of power that can be used to enter a chamber within the tower of Siptah, with new challenges and riches.”

Note the bold text. It says “You can also”. This means additional use and not removal of existing use.

"On Siptah, convergence traps now affect the purge meter and can be used to either fill the purge meter or avoid a purge. "

Nothing about how Shadebloom and other resources are gathered to replace the removal of the use prior to the change. In fact it doesn’t mention at all that the existing intended use in the Maelstrom was removed.


It was indeed removed. I admit, that wording did not explicitly remove any doubt, but yes, you no longer use the convergence trap for the original intention. It is now used for calling or suppressing a purge.

I guess it depends on what resources you’re looking for. Shadebloom is already a drop on the island. No need to use a convergence trap for it. Not sure what other resources you’re looking for though that you used to get only with a convergence trap.

When I last played Siptah I got Composite Obsidian from the trap. Got the Obsidian Tools recipe from a random dungeon mob drop yesterday so I want to craft Obsidian Stuff. Have a feeling my server admin will have to add sources of multiple resources since server is running AoC and EEWA.

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You have currently all what you need on siptah to craft the Obsidian stuff. You just need to search the map and find where different things are.

Your admin will need to wait a little longer for patch 2.4.

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