Convergence trap usage?

So I made the convergence trap, filled it with unstable ??? And set her rolling. It’s been like half an hour with a full purge meter and nothing is happening. Am I doing something wrong or does it not automatically trigger a purge?

Also after the green beam dies away i can’t interact with the trap and I get a little notification that the trap is still active.

Which version of unstable ??? are you loading into the trap?

I’m using whatever let’s me craft the invoke, it’s 200 unstable essence

Tryed to revoke a Purge. After the Trap processed the lesser ??? and set free Gas, nothing happend. Purge Meter didnt moved down

Update: Purge bar is empty after relog

I’m trying to do the opposite, invoke it and summon a purge, which it did. But I didn’t get purged.

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