Convert Elaborate Glyphs to Resplendant?

Can Elaborate Glyphs be converted to Resplendent? Or is there a way to get only Resplendent when doing Dark Agartha? The grind was bad enough when we received only Elaborate, but now that the glyphs are being split, it certainly doesn’t qualify as fun. But I am a ■■■■■■■■■, so I’ll keep doing DA regardless lol

You have various options available.

  • You can buy an item from the Shady Salesman outside DA, for 500 aurum to change a glyph imbuer into a talisman imbuer (or a different item to change from tali to glyph).
  • You can also buy an item from the Shady Salesman or from the Irreparable Custodian of Curios just inside DA, for 75k Marks of Favour to change 100 Elaborate Glyph Fragments into 100 Resplendent Tali Fragments (or a different item to change 100 tali frags to 100 glyph frags).
  • You can buy items from the Irreparable Custodian of Curios just inside DA, that will mean you only get talisman or glyph frags from the loot chest (depending on which one you buy, both cost 7.5k MoF).
  • You can also speed up the grind by completing challenge timelines in DA, bought for 10k from the Shady Salesman. Challenge timelines give 30% extra fragments, and depending on elite level, a chance at the new sprint skin, new outfit and the evil laugh emote.

Elaborate > Glyphs
Resplendent > Talismans


AWOL: Very belated thank you for the answer. Finally checked the vendor outside and in SA. More MOF than I care to spend. I’m way to cheap to spend 75k for change fragments lol Even the 7500 to get all Elaborate or Resplendent glyph as reward is a bit much. I can see that I might do that once in awhile, but mostly I save up my MOFs to buy aurum on the AH so I can buy upgrades. Still, nice to know there’s an option.