Convince me of SWL


Well you could play the story of TSW if that is what you are looking for. You would miss out on the story added only to SWL though. If you want Group content, then i imagine that is fairly dead in TSW but i could be wrong. The Events are also only run in SWL.

As for the ability wheel, some ppl seem to think more is better. SWL build system is just complex in other ways. Talis and Weapons come with special effects, that work as passives in your build. Same goes for Signets. When it comes to the Actives we might be able to slot fewer in any one build, but unlike in TSW, most of those abilities have at least 2 separate functions.

As for the combat itself, Tab targeting or Reticle is really up to personal preference, so not gonna try convince you the new system is better, just because i think it is. Personally the Tab Targeting nearly turned me away from TSW when i found the game, the only reason i could roll with it, was because dodging was an important part of combat.


Why would anyone"convince you" to play a game??

Try it…either you like it or you don’t…it’s not rocket surgery :wink:


I have tried it, a few times, and I don’t like it as much as TSW only based on the first few hours of gameplay. I wanna know if there’s more to SWL than what I’m seeing that TSW doesn’t have. Right now I am holding onto the ability wheel and skills variety of TSW really hard but that’s probably it.


This is some good news. At first glance when I saw “Pistols, no drones? wtf” or “shotguns, no trapping?” I naturally assumed they dumbed it down to guns go pew pew, mages go damage or heals etc. Not that I ever dabbled in those really off-builds but the idea that something deeper was there in terms of crowd control and depth hit me hard in the complex MMO feels. The fact that SWL is highly populated and alive is enough to pull me hard so I have been willing to try it but then I think to myself, all that money sank into TSW and it’s just sitting there. I thought about playing through TSW once just in case some elements of the story have changed and then move to SWL full time.


There are maybe two or three minor differences in main story, the most notable being the source of AEGIS. Given SWL has more story than TSW does (TSW stops in Kaidan, SWL continues after), there’s no real reason to go through TSW’s first. In my opinion, SWL’s somewhat different manner of telling the same story is better than TSW’s on average. I like TSW better as a game, but SWL has its strengths and improvements.

The only reason I can think to do so is you own issue 12 and have enough people around willing to take you through the Manufactory dungeons, since those are not in SWL (yet, hopefully), and have quite interesting story in them.


I agree with Starsmith. However, I would recommend watching a video of the original intro. SWL’s version has been cut down significantly.


So the weapons have obviously changed, i for one ind them more interesting. Each weapon come with it’s own special mechanic too, so it’s not just a different animation on, otherwise, the same ability. (didn’t realized this till the devs pointed it out, but that was what a lot of the abilities were in TSW).

One Major change is Blade and Shotgun changed roles, so now you have a Tanking weapon from the guns too, and a DPS weapon from Melee.

Elementalism use a heating system. Fire and electric abilities build heat. High heat = high damage. Ice abilities cool you off. If you Overheat, your heat abilities lock up. Ele is good for crowd control.

Blood: Similair mechanic, the more you use healing or damage, the more martyrdom or corruption you gain. You still bleed yourself, and the more extreme you go on the scale, the less healing you receive. Healing weapon and DoT.

Chaos: Damage divisible by 8 gives a paradox. Once 8 paradoxes are reached, you get a random chaos effect. Clones (pure damage), Singularies (damage + knockdown), Enigmas (Buffs). Tanking weapon with Evade focus, great for purging.

Blade: chance to generate chi when using a blade ability, once you hit 5, you can form Spirit Blade. Spirit Blade adds additional damage to blade attacks. Each attack spend a charge of the blade. Chi can be turned into charges to keep the blade going. DPS which is very strong in self heals and cleanses.

Fist: Generate charges with each heal or attack. Reach a certain point and you can enter Wrath mode, which comes both as a DPS and Healing mode. Both flip your ability bar and give you a number of stronger abilities, that cost no resources, for a short period of time. Healing weapon (unsure on the DPS focus)

Hammer: Each hit builds Rage, once you hit 50 Rage, certain abilities will instead spend rage, which gives them an additional effect or damage. Tanking with focus on protection

Shotty: Uses ammo in addition to normal energy. Four types of ammo to pick from. When you empty your ammo, your shotty abilities get flipped to become one of the ammo types, each slot getting a random one. Mid range tanking with focus on Glancing, group buffs and cleansing.

Pistol: spin revolver chambers each time you fire a shot. If you hit matching colors you get a bonus to damage for a short time. DPS and a nice cleanse, as well as moderate crowd control.

Rifle: Each power ability shot gives a chance at loading a grenade on a 6sec timer. At 3sec the grenade is more powerful. If the timer runs out, it explodes in your face. Grenades come in different forms through active abilities. Healing with leech focus, and currently some of the best damage in game.

Sure some ppl can add more to some of these weapons =P.

Two small example of the versatile nature of SWL abilities. Evulsion is a pull, and as such an interrupt. It Is also a purge, and a taunt. Thats three functions in one ability.

Supreme Harmony is a damage buff, a full cleanse, and a speed buff.


I’d strongly advise you to run Kaidan in TSW (unless you’re too far in the early storyline) with the old AEGIS mechanics if you want to experience and feel the pain (and the epicness coming with it) of that zone in its old fashion. My best questing experience ever in gaming was in TSW’s Kaidan and its AEGIS.

Otherwise, concerning SWL’s gameplay, coming from a “hardcore” player, while there appears to be less abilities overall and that they’re streamlined, there’s an amount of interesting theorycraft to be discovered and done if this is something you enjoy, and there are a lot of nuances and tricks if you want to push yourself in the bleeding edge of performance. I’d argue that, contrary to TSW, there are more variety in the DPS builds for group content, but way less variety for healing and tanking.


I did not read one comment on this post before writing my Respons
I expect to get flagged again…

what you not find in SWL

a challenging combat system.
you walk in SWL as superhero killing all in your way expect it is 4 level over yaa
after you reach lvl 50 and have about IP 250 nothing on the normal map expect lair mobs will cause you any trouble expect fighting the impuls to sleep or play with your forehead.

Its gone, I aprechiate all the work that the PVP crowd is investing in events.
But we dont have Fu Sang, all we have is this crap shambala. And the EF buff makes any signet play impossible…

some quest will Show you Aegis but u run trough tokio without Aegis, you will soon realize Tokio without Aegis is boring, mobs are no thread anymore…

6 Dungeons
we miss as late game content 6 dung
second hell dung
Manu 1 and 2
also Penthouse fight if yaa count that
you will run the same dung over and over again and again…

Group scen
also we miss group scen

Signets for tanks
well tanking works different in swl, you will see
and cus of that deflect and evade glyphs are useless even for PVP cus of the EF buff

TSW was a feral agressive game that could hurt you and did win from time to time agins you.

SWL is drowned in softener and got fangs and claws pulled.
nice fluffy kitten to play with…

if you where in TSW cus of chalenge and thrill
you will be disapointed

but it still has its good story and atmosphere

If I would ask myself, I mean me before one yeahr, if it was worth investing time and Money in this game

I would say no.

South Africa is worth a visit.

And I strongly advise not to do any dung, scen, or other endgame activity till u past SA
maybe it is a challenge if you dont grind for better gear.


I agree with Agobi. The fact you want to be convinced rather then make your own judgement is rather telling, if you ask me.

I say try things for yourself and either move on or stick around based on the results. Your call to make. Not anyone else’s.


If you wanna play, rake yer brain and for the experience, TSW. For people, some new content and events, SWL.

The strongly intertwined storyline in TSW has been chopped and rearranged (the order and some npcs) in multiple parts of SWL, which made less sense to me. But yeah, try what you like :slight_smile:


If anything I feel like the story is easier to understand than it was in TSW, especially Egypt (where most of the chopping and rearranging happened).

Like with what @Szalord said, TSW Kaidan gives you the full AEGIS experience, for better or worse.


I felt like the gameplay mechanic of leveling up your AEGIS and getting scanned by the Orochi bot in the park over and over really paid off when you got to the Anansi floor in TSW. The researchers saying “Thank you!” really gave me chills. The Filth “evolving” the shields and you having to switch up and level controllers to beat it added something to the zone, for sure.

That said, I don’t think the authentic AEGIS experience qualifies as a reason to play in TSW instead of SWL. There are no updates, there are no people, and there is no future for TSW. For those reasons, I recommend you play SWL instead.

FWIW you cantransfer cosmetics from TSW to SWL, should you want to get some value out of your TSW account.


I think in the end I agree with Tilty that putting the main attacks from each weapon on LMB and RMB improved combat compared to TSW. It gives a more even balance between left and right hand. Cutting down to 5 abilities on the left hand (counting gadget which casts more often than most cooldowns) frees up movement and other stuff.

On the other hand the lack of target lock makes combat much less fun and doesn’t work well with a lot of mob mechanics that did not change from game to game. For example, having to switch out of reticle to read ability tooltips means there’s a whole aspect of combat with zero usability. Not being able to choose your target from a group of enemies sucks. Not being able to target short enemies consistently is ridiculous.

Out of combat, reticle has been shoehorned in so badly that the entire game is a struggle to play. For example, if you want to turn while on a mount, you have to press and hold down the turn key, then switch out of reticle mode, then switch again once you’re done turning. If you are in your inventory you can’t interact with NPCs so to get an item from bank to inventory, you have to enter reticle, open bank, reopen inventory. So on balance between the two I’d pick TSW. But it’s the dead one, so I’m here.

Trimming the ability wheel was kinda a wash, people still play garbage builds and it’s more expensive to gain access to the popular meta stuff if you didn’t luck into it. I think loss of search makes the new one harder to build with, but I’m already above the level of competence they expect, so.


[quote=“uppastbedtime, post:15, topic:31524, full:true”]There are no updates, there are no people, and there is no future for TSW. For those reasons, I recommend you play SWL instead.

I met a dozen players in Agartha a few ago, much to my surprise. Certainly, no future for TSW but the recent updates in SWL were rather disappointing in terms of content, and the gameplay is still terrible compared to TSW.

Honestly, the answer isn’t obvious. Staying on TSW with no update but more fun, or staying on SWL with 3 hours boring-to-play content every year to carry on the narrative?


if you dont like the game dont play it mate.

its plain and simple if you look at the game as a copy of TSW then you wont enjoy it.
truth hurts but even in games original ones cannot be compared to a copy same as to movie to books and etc.

but if you are looking this as a new overhauled game. which you dont compare anything to the old one you will have a good time.

dont believe on a non sense saying TSW is better SWL is worst hell they are produced by the same company…even if this is still TSW the content wouldve been the same they would simplify things trim here and there.

so no point bashing it. so if you are saying SWL is boring you are also saying that TSW is also boring.


agreed, and reason for that is SWL is boring cus it is no challenge. mobs are to soft and hurt no one.
Dungeons are boring as Hell, all is set to get your gratification asap. No struggle no thinking, no planing.
Just Smash your forehead on the keyboard and all mobs will die.

SWL sucks cus of that! Its no fun to get all without effort, its boring, no hunt no thrill. Just la la la mob is dead, lvl up all is goood la la la I feel so powerfull la la la Story is good, la la la this game provides no Group content that is worth calling content, la la la I am a solo I rock and kill all but dont want a challenge player.

That is SWL, not a game, a Visual Novel with quick time events, that mostly will solve even if you tab the wrong buttons.

That is SWL right now for me. The disappointment 2017/2018

nope, cus its boring to fight aginst already dead mobs, I mean the outcome of the fight is set before the fight start. Its like killing fleas and flies. Time consuming and useless.

Also this game has no entertaining PVP anymore, and if I would not know Fu Sang or El Dorado I still would not set a foot on shambala. Its crap pure and simple.

TSW is the better game! cus it is not simplified!
and they did not trim or simplify anything, the cutoff, amputated, mangeled, mutilated, scorched, cremate, tore, slaughter, disfigure, tear TSW.

After that our beloved precious game gasped for air, insted of ending its missery right between the eyes they drowned it in softener. And then they dare to reanimate it, and this grotesque abomination did rise, called SWL.

This game would scream and cry if it could.


So you’d rather that they just killed the TSW servers and not done a relaunch and developed more content?


Let them rant and don’t feed them. Apparently they wanna waste their time on something that is extremely terrible according to themselves.

@Stifler As mentioned by many, best thing is to try it out for yourself, build your own opinion. Between SWL and TSW, SWL is the only one with any sort of future. If you are for story, and happy with it ending earlier and never seeing a finish, then by all means play TSW, especially if you like the combat better there.

If SWL make you as miserable as the person above, then i honestly recommend not playing it. There is no point in playing something you hate so much, unless of cause you have nothing better to do.

Anyways hope at this point you made a choice in the matter and is happy with it :wink:


I did not log for weeks
Will log if new content comes

If game gets entertaining again I will log regulary. Till that I respond to questions and state my opinion.

u mean p-Dubs or me?

I do not hate SWL, or FUNCOM.
Miserable is not the right word, resentful is better.

For Story, yes play SWL.
It has a real good one.


Well it’s been three or four days back in TSW and although it was extremely hard to FIND the people, they are certainly there, and they are quite active. I logged in this morning and was invited into a full raid group that did two back to back. I think I’ll enjoy this while it lasts. I was moving on to SWL reluctantly because I like more things about TSW better than SWL, and now that I see there is a community, however small it is, I am more confident to stay. I am happy to have the best of both though cause I know when this one is permanently dead there is still SWL.

Cheers you guys, and thanks for the responses!