Cooking overhaul

This game holds dozens of recipes to cook food, but really I use only 2.
Fish strips and Aloe Soup.

The recovery rate of “small” food is too small, even right at the start of the game. Kudos for adding the Soothing buff. But the issue was: noone wants to eat 10 Feral Strips during the next 3 minutes to get back to 200 HP.

Later on combining ingredients results in food what heals less than the sum of the ingredients. I like to cook and combine, but not for a penalty.

Finally, what’s up with the pirate spiced cooking? Again thank you for adding. The heating effect does nothing. You put so much effort into this and yet … /crawls back into corner with Aloe Soup.


The pirate food is a known bug. Worked really good before Wine Cellar patch…

i go for the hearty stew. heals 100hp which is enough for me. easy to cook, heal is good, doesnt feel like a penalty at all. everything higher than that would be to overpowered. you can combine this with potion and you heal up real quick

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It doesn’t necessarily have to increase the health healed, adding buffs based on the food type could work instead.

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for that reason i eat the fish from the improved fish traps, the ones you get in the sunken city (recept)

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I do agree. You’ll make a fine chef