Cool Things to Add

Here are a few things that would be great:

-Dangerous waters. Deadly animals swimming in water, sicken damage from drinking non river water in jungle biome. I want to be scared to jump in the water like I am in ARK.

-A few more dungeons based on the Conan stories (maybe a pseudo Tower of the Elephant)

-Merchant Thralls? Have better stock based on the amount of locations you have discovered. Few locations, thrall sells really cheap common item; a ton of locations discovered, rare non legendary item

-Scholar Thrall (gives free item [non legendary] once per real life day based on how many of the exiles steps you completed) - a few completed, like papyrus. Most or all, fragment of power.

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For water, in the jungle area where the water goes on off map, have something in the distance beyond reach of the player within viewing distance underwater…a large serpent or maybe even Dagon himself (watching the player…slowly swims away after awhile). Of course the player cannot interact with these nor will they…purely aesthetic and gives a kind of creepy atmosphere underwater.

Also have the temp vary depending on time of day…night will be colder than day

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