Cooling effect of witchfire torches

does not seem to work on my pve server. is this intended for pve?

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Glowing torches are the ones that cool. Witchfire just doesn’t put out any heat.


right on, thx 8]

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I haven’t seen you some time i hope you are ok :+1:. As for your question i see you got your answer. Nice to see you back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the light from them are so bad… Which I dont get at all…

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You are so right on this one. They are so important to the hot areas but their blue light is so annoying. The only solution i found on this one, was to fix a basement and put them there not to vision this blue effect.


yea kojima stranded me to death lol, ur a sweety ;]

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Yes the cooling effect goes vertically in a column and expands above and below the torch by a considerable distance, you can put a torch at the bottom of a 50 foundation high tower and still gets it’s effect all the way at the top. It is for this reason they have been used in PVP as anti climbing protection around tower and high up bases.

but they is ugly, i used the fence foundation trick to raise a platform and hid em under the statue of refreshment to put air conditioning my volcano outpost 8D

grey or brown dye on radium ftw ;]

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