Cooling noise on Xbox One X since last hotfix (from 16.5.19)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

[XBOX ONE X - Noise, massive lags with Player build structures]

My Xbox One X is a extreme silent machine. Since the last hotfix (when I experienced the first complete freeze of the game near a big player structure) I now can hear my xbox one x cooler system very often when playing. This is the only game were this happens and I needed some days to understand where the “new” noise comes from. As I read at PS4 it is even worse.

Something in the update changed that brought heavy performance issues.

Beside, thank you for a really big & enjoyable (beside the bugs) game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game on Xbox One X
  2. go to player build structures

I don’t know how consoles behave, but this game is very very heavy on resources, making them run plenty and heating up the whole system, be it console or pc (my case). I assume it’s normal for your console as well. When on my laptop, fans rarely ever stop, I had to get a cooling bqse for it so it doesn’t melt one of these days…

This did not happen before the update from 16.5.2019. Neither the cooling sound nor the massive lags near player structures - the bigger the worse.

Yesterday I played on my normal xbox one s. Similar things:

  1. after installing the patch the maschine had to be rebooted.
  2. the performance (played only in offline mode) is terrible compared to xbox one x
  3. strange behaviour with dead bodies, many started to “vibrate” xtremely fast after beeing killed (was in the dafari temple) it reminds me on the film “flash” when he vibrates through walls, if this makes sense.

Buying an external drive from seagate will help you with your problem

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Thank you

a) have that already
b) dont see what a fan noise has in common with an external drive ?
here the load on cpu does not come from file loading
c) interesting that a patch of a Software should have Impact to my local Hardware

nice meant, but …

btw… the internal drive of the X is a hybrid drive and much faster than most externals
you will not have any advantage with an external drive except it is a ssd

I have the Xbox one x and before I was always hearing the fan turn on when playing this game this game pushes the hardware to hard when you have it installed internally but since I got the external drive no more fan quiet like it was before

I dont believe in Voodoo.
The only physical Explanation could be, that the internal drive runs so hot, that the fan starts cooling. but that sounds not really plausible. here i would suspect a defect hadrd drive. the rest of the hardware is not affected by use of an external drive.

Sidenote: Certain (old) external drives are no longer supported or have known issues. Idk the brand(s) anymore though.

I cant think of a ‘best way’ to check whats causing the building performance issues.

Edit: nvm the drivers part. Idk much about consoles.

Drivers on a X-Box ?

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