Coronavirus: we need more time on decay

Kids are at home due to the shutdown on school districts. They play on the only ps4 while at home. This means no time to log in to CE to update the timers. Surely some might be able to find the kids break time and pop online for a minute, but why not just extend the decay time for the next few weeks?

No F.U.D. here.



because of the coronavirus (i’m from lombardia), we need faster decay, and thank you too all the people who spent time on their bases so we have stuff to raid and time to entertain ourself. Might sound rude, but i’m honest, you’re giving us stuff to do and entertain us. Also because of faster decay servers have more space for new people to get on.

By having higher decay times you’re living no space for new player to join in the game.

Sorry, not sorry.

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You can bump the children off after an allotted time?

Have them buy their own PlayStation. I assume you bought it. Kick them off and have then read a book or do kid things like go outside and do outside things.

Preferably in a Coronavirus free zone.

I kept it simple. This is a big family, so they take turns. If it was only one child, then you’re right.

Okay, good argument.

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Yes, if there are many children my idea may not work.

A couple of questions:

  • Are you in a clan?
    • If yes, do you have any clanmates who can refresh for you?
    • If not, is there anyone friendly on your server you can ask to refresh your stuff by placing an explosive jar on it and then picking it up without detonating it?

Just me on solo pvp. Thanks for the tip.

I’ve got lots of work/time in my current login (journey chapter 8, recipes, armors, etc). I think I need to buy the game and start over with my own account. It doesn’t answer the question, but that’s how I feel now. I’m not ready to let it go or trust someone with the jar. We share time between two consoles.

Trusting my gut feeling on this.

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I think that none of the fellow posters here is a father, so nodoby can really understand what you say. I hope for them, by heart, one day to live this happiness, but until then…
Anyway, i really feel you dude. To be honest our kids grow up with internet. I remember when i was born my house didn’t have phone or TV set. My mom didn’t even had washing machine :joy::joy::joy:. Even if you have the ps4 available you don’t have enough internet :sob:. Yesterday i lagged and i lost a lvl 19 berseker, 2 spinas marauders that i had collected from my wheel of pain, a set of black blood tools, legendaries, epic armor sets… Big list, big loss, melted and vanished in lava. Patience my friend summer is coming :grin:. All i wish is health to you and your family and for the rest, we can always farm back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I wouldn’t think that. People have different rules within the home. In mine, we had an equal time rule: If one spent an hour playing a video game, they spent an hour doing something active away from the screen.
My friend has specific hours of available gaming time for their children…and themselves.

I do not believe it is an issue of posters not having children. I believe it is more: Different strokes for different folks.


I do not read suggestions because of ones like these.

If children are allowed to play conan exiles, then their parents should be drug into court and made to explain why they are allowing kids to play an adult game.

The decay already suck, and making it shorter would just stop people from playing.

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See my gray hair in my profile pic? It isn’t constructive to subject these posters.

Your’re confused. Nothing in this thread says underaged kids are playing CE.


I think the children are playing different games on a shared console.


I’m having flashbacks to the time when everyone thought my generation would turn out to be full of psychopaths just because we played Mortal Kombat and enjoyed using Subzero’s spine-ripping fatality.

I wouldn’t let a 7 year old play Conan Exiles, for example, but if my 13 year old can’t distinguish between Conan Exiles and reality, I’ve got some serious problems on my hands regardless of what he’s playing. Besides, I’d rather have him play Conan Exiles PVE-C than CS:GO or some other similar game full of kids who don’t even have pubes screaming into microphone and describing all the anatomically improbable ways they had sex with his mom.


Oh my friend, i te

Sry big fingers, small phone :joy::joy::joy::joy:. I know about the rules and timing issues with my children, i raze 2. What you didn’t understand is that when you raze children you free time is fc… d. I am not complaining, not at all but this is the truth. So even when your kids are not playing, because they are on productive time, or on e - break, your wife will always have something to give you to do too (shoping, cleaning,…), or you will receive a business call , the time will pas their time will come and :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:, you have to wait for them to go to sleep, oh s… t, they are teenagers , i am 45, i fall asleep first :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. No conan for today maybe tomorrow. And this is just a nice taste how it can happen, the nusty ones you don’t want to know.


If all you need is a few minutes to log in and refresh your stuff, may I suggest just going with that?

“Hey kids, dad needs the PS4 for a minute. You can have it back as soon as I finish.”

If your kids have no respect for your authoratah, then maybe a distraction. Like do a spaghetti night or something and as they’re all getting their food you slip in and take over the PS4 so you can do your thing. Or pick up a new movie they all want to see and get your login done just before you put the disc in your DVD/Blu-ray player.

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I am for 14days all the time anyway… I dont get the “shorter decay” people, who only have CE in their life and besides that basically nothing (which is sad anyway).

Or just leave the server, if it is abused by toxic foundation spamers. No short decay will get rid of them… They have fun trolling other people.

So, you have my vote.

PS.: Also change decay timer to be “fuel/resource based” and not auto-resets to max, as soon as you are in the area.


Do you know a lot teenagers show respect to anyone ? That’s why we call them teenagers . if you are 18 and you haven’t rebel yet , you have no blood , if you are 30 and you still rebel , you have no brains . After all they are my children , I cannot expect more , though I have it ,they are way better than I was , believe me I was a pain in the b…t :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yes. Those teens that were raised to show respect turned into mature adults who show respect as well as ambition. It is possible to show respect will finding your feet in the world.

I think it is not so much an issue of respecting authority as it might be an issue of breaking the norm. If children are normally allowed to play without restrictions, they will not understand a change without a sit-down discussion.