Corpses not always rendering properly

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU/NL

I am having issues on my server with corpses not always rendering properly. I think I may have found what is happening or at least how to reproduce it. I do have “sort of” workaround but it is quite tedious and annoying.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die in combat,
  2. Respawn within render distance of your corpse. (for example what could easily happen during a Purge)
  3. Most of the times you are now unable to see your corpse, other players however can. (this being the bug)
  4. Now walk outside of the render distance of your corpse.
  5. Walk balk to where you corpse should be.
  6. Now you should be able to see your corpse.

I have been able to do this quite a few times, I think it has something todo with respawning to close to your corpse, or being teleported/summoned within the render distance of your corpse.

Server OS: Windows 2016 Server

Best Regards.

Game mode: Solo/Co-op
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

I had an issue last night in a co-op game with me and my wife. She died and respawned at her bedroll which wasn’t really very far from her corpse, but it wasn’t close enough to be rendered. I ran over to where she said she died and saw her corpse and was able to loot it for her.

She died again later at a similar distance from her bedroll and neither she nor I could find her corpse where it should have been.

Now a bit later, I died within just a few feet of my bedroll and when I respawned, I was able to see and loot my corpse without issue.

So really, I don’t know if this is a rendering problem or what, but it is a serious bug.

Playing on Windows 10.