Correct Texture Maps For Ceiling Wedges

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
System: [PC, PS4, XBox]
Region: [USA]

Outside of sandstone ceiling wedges it looks like all the ceiling wedges top and bottom textures don’t match grain direction. When I build I place the ceiling wedges to make all the grain flow in a specific. It looks correct as a floor, but looking up as a ceiling the grain points in a different direction messing up the design.

Hello @vonVile, thanks for reaching out to us.

Could you attach a screenshot of the issue for our team to assess?

After looking myself, I think it boils down to hitting r2 and l2 to change the direction.

However, your unable to see it in build mode… so pieces placed can’t be lined up right.

Under-neath? I’m not sure what they mean…

Stable Ceiling have same issue, there no tell (like insulated wood ceiling have) which way panels are facing. So your kinda at RNG mercy when placing them.

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