Corrections needed in the game, to become as big as it should be

-the game needs a territory request flag, so that it can only be built around that location, this will avoid several bugs and anti-game.

-There should be a more improved construction mechanics “initially removing a wall foundation”, to avoid stacks, and also avoiding a foundation without being connected to the floor, this will initially create more thoughtful and realistic bases.

-maximum number of constructions of each type should be included in the game, for example; 1 safe, 2 large gates, 5 doors, 100 foundations, 200 walls … etc, this will make the bases planned, reduce the lag of the servers and increased immersion.

  • in contrast to changing the maximum amount of construction, the maximum life of the construction parts must be greatly increased and the damage reduced or the pumps removed, increasing the importance of the catapults (temporary construction that can be done outside the area of ​​their base it’s unique).

-the game is past the time to have wizards, it should include staves as a weapon, being used only by those who have 20pts in intelligence (new attribute) and the damage must be scaled with intelligence as well as strength and precision, the staves must be elemental like Fire, ice, chaos, lightning, etc.

  • improve the animation of the weapons during the movement, adding to all weapons a rush during the race to stop the opponent and avoid easy escape, and in return, decrease the overall damage of the game, avoiding being deleted by very high damage, making the well thought out pvp.

  • rethink weapon combos and thus be able to reposition themselves during the same combos, with this corrected to generate a weapon change animation.

-adding skill steps with weapons, with an extra bar that can be exchanged for the tools tab, using a combat shortcut.

-to finalize a tool to revive thralls and at the same time making them more balanced with the players in terms of health and damage.

-in PVP servers, add a resistance buff to constructions when players are not online which gradually increases and falls when someone logs in.

  • add a gas device that can be used on all helmets in the game, so that you can use any armor on both minions and pvp.

-Decrease the number of servers, and increase the number of players on each server, to 200, this is possible by reducing the constructions previously mentioned.

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Contrary to popular belief but this actually isn’t needed. I’ve had structures of over 50,000 building pieces (with much of that foundations) and they do not cause lag. We used to have large structures for some of our admin created dungeons. Outside of a slight delay of entering one. there was little lag on the player side and server FPS remained at 60.

This doesn’t fit the lore. While REH’s stories may have begun the Sword and Sorcery genre, there is very little magic in the universe (arguably none). Many of the devices in the stories are actually technological in nature. The Hyborian and Thulian Age take place after an apocalypse. In fact the Kull and Conan stories could be more accurately called Post-Apocalyptical Science Fiction.

In the Slithering Shadow (the story that takes place right before Exiled Lands according to Funcom), a Star Trek style food replicator is described by a Stygian woman. She even calls it a device that the people of the city use, but don’t understand. (On a side note, due to the story being written decades before Star Trek, it could be argued that Gene Roddenberry barrowed the idea from the Conan Stories).

There’s another story considering a belt Conan uses to protect himself from ‘magic’. It is definitely a device one would discern as a force field belt.

Thoth-Amon’s power comes from the Serpent Ring of Set, he is shown to have very little power without it. While it could be described as a magical artefact, it very well could be a technological one.

So any magic added should come in the form of devices that project it. But as far as wizards throwing magic missiles, fireballs, lightning bolts, and meteor swarms. That’s probably best left to Dungeons and Dragons.

Not only will it cause damage, but it will likely destroy the breathing mask with its low durability. I wouldn’t say no to an orb version of this.

As for the rest of the stuff I didn’t quote, I either didn’t understand what you meant or didn’t really have an opinion one way or another. I will say that the current combo system is actually quite good, with enough nuance to make it interesting. Some weapon combos still need work to make them viable in PVP/PVE though. But overall outside of Short Swords and Great Axes, I think most weapons are in pretty good shape with only minor tweaks needed.

I would say that the weapon tiers while leveling needs to be cleaned up. There should be a Stone Tier (1), Iron (10), Refined (20), Steel (30), Ancient (40), Hardened Steel (50), Starmetal (60). It works like that now, sort of. But when you unlock those levels you should have access to all weapons in that tier (and DLC versions of those weapons). That’s a weird remnant from Early Access that still needs to be worked out. There’s a few dozen feats that can be condensed.

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The corrections should start and end with undermeshing, 50 stat exploit and the many other cheating mechanics that plague this game. The wizards seem like a fun idea but this game is a sloppy mess and introducing another mechanic might break it more. Im not sure if your trolling or what but no server will hold 200 people and run fine. Even with the construction limit that you suggest it makes the game very unenjoyable and losses the creativity, plus you didnt account for thralls and animals. Fix the 4 year long issues is the only answer to fix this game.

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