Corrupt Data on Xbox

I have installed the game twice now but I keep getting a message after I log out of a server that there is corrupt data and that I should reinstall to avoid more problems. This is on Xbox btw. Plus there is invisible enemies in areas with a bunch of npcs and strong lag in those areas as well even on a official server with only 2 to 4 people only ever playing. The game does not run smooth at all.

dude wht are u playing online or offline

Hello @JibAhJab, welcome to the forums.

The corrupt data message does not accurately reflect your current installation’s status and its going to be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Regarding the invisible enemies, could you specify whether its happening on a specific server or in all servers you’re played in?
There are a few ongoing performance issues that are also being worked on which might be behind this, but it could also stem from connectivity issues.

Offical servers 2729 and 2725 both have invisible enemies. At the Black Galleon to be specific.

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Thank you for specifying, we’ll register that occurrence for our team to look into.

I am also still getting the corrupt data message and game crashes randomly each session. The invisible enemys happen too, seems like loafing issues. But the big issues is that we keep getting kicked from the game with every log in

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