Corrupted Game files... ever since the latest update?!

Still an issue. Bump.

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Hey there,

Apologies for the late response.
There’s a patch awaiting certification on console platforms addressing some of the performance and stability issues affecting this version of the game.
We’re still monitoring the situation and looking into further performance problems affecting the platform.

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A little late for the answer, but better late than never .

Can’t wait to see what its gonna give.

Greetings community :v:

I don’t know if this helps any, but during the initial startup, the video now stops, jumps, and desyncs with audio. The video often now continues to lock up, and show the three loading dots in the bottom left corner, not allowing one to skip to the menu.

I didn’t see such a complete description of this stage, so I hope this helps.

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I am hoping the horrible elevator bugs can also be addressed.

Is the 0 health thing intended? Are you planning on removing the ability to pull elevators?

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Quick update: our team is working on an additional hotfix to follow the patch mentioned above aiming to address specifically more performance issues affecting the Xbox version.
Regarding the status of that patch, it still is awaiting certification.

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Do you know when it is coming? just brought the game yesterday to find the forums filled with ths issue :joy:

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Helo and what about finaly fix framerate problem in game on xbox one X?

Thank you for letting us know

A few days ago, I decided to punt. I completely uninstalled CE and deleted both my local and cloud save of the game (the “delete from everywhere” option). Then did a cold restart of the X1BX and reinstalled.

Voila. There’s still the weird hitching at the beginning of the video, but less pronounced than it was before, and no more messages about the game being corrupted. Fired up a new single player game, no problem there. And from that point forward, it actually feels like things are smoother. No more random hitching, no weird delays opening inventory, feats, etc. And no crashes.

Obviously, this isn’t really a viable option for anyone who has a saved single player game they want to keep. But it also helped me understand why they probably didn’t catch this at the jump; because if they’re testing with what effectively amounts to new installs on their test systems, they had to notice the hitching, but everything else would have checked out. It appears to be existing game saves where something went seriously sideways.

Who’s, this is very nice, but if you how mutch I have resources, little bases in single player, I realy not want give up this resources and not mensined story progress. Better be fix by something else withouth losse save for single player and online…i can tested on second account.

Yeah, if you care about your SP game, then deleting everything isn’t a choice. But, if all you do is play online, it’s something you could give a shot and see if it works for you. It did for me, but as usual, YMMV.

Hello. I was also receiving corruption message. I uninstalled and reinstalled just Conan. I can not get on my server.
It says failed to join requested server, then when I hit ok it says could not connect to the server. “JoinSession” failed. If this continues to happen try restarting the game.

I’ve done that a few times. Question? When to the shorter timers go on? Will I get in soon?

I am fairly confident they said they are not turning decay timers back on xbox until they fix it. So likely they will never get taken off summer timers, not that it matters since for many they can’t stay connected long enough regardless of how long they have.


Thanks. It’s dumb how much I enjoy this game with all the silly bugs. But the idea of loosing 3 years on one server is, almost more dumb, but I’ll be sad.

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You no what’s funny is I just got off the game and it didn’t even crash not one time an that’s the first time in 3 weeks I could stay on for longer then 10 or 15 minutes with out crashing don’t know what to say anymore :eyes::eyes::eyes::man_shrugging:

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Is this what is causing my inability to get on my server?

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I was able to sign in and reset my timers. Going to stay in and see how long it lasts.

I was able to play 2 nights ago all night but this morning its back to crashing again :cry:
I think it’s time to just move on

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i started conan over a year ago without playing any other game but it’s been three weeks since i quit , me and my team don’t have a good connection it was not great before but now it is totally unplayable, not to mention crashes, freeze, rollback and more , funcom makes us understand that we are nothing for them, they prefer to release a new paid dlc rather than optimize the game for the fans, we are more than disappointed , I could not even explain it …