Corrupted Testlive Saved Game / Connectivity Issues

I rented a testlive server on G-Portal and had it going for over a week. Basic 10 slots no mods, almost 100% vanilla settings. After a week or so me and many players started having trouble finding it or joining it. Symptoms included timing out while trying to connect, unable to see server in server list, could not direct connect (timed out), sometimes took over half an hour to repeatedly try to connect then when finally joined I would rubber band continually, could not move, rejoin, able to move, crash in 10 seconds or so, rinse repeat etc. When I could occasionally see my server in the list I saw it and a bunch of official servers all had 9999 ping showing. I tried other servers. Some I could join immediately, others I had the same time outs. It seemed to resolve on my server when I restarted it. Suddenly all the players could see it and join. Eventually though, even with 2 auto restarts a day and restarting whenever I couldn’t get on after trying for 15-30 minutes at a time, restarts seemed to be ineffective too. After testing as much as I could on other servers and mine, I logged a ticket with G-Portal and the customer service guy instantly asked if it had slowly been getting worse over time. When I said it had, he suggested we try archiving the old save and try a new one on the same server. It worked. The old save was corrupted. We’ve been going 4 days now on the new save and I’m monitoring it to see if the problem recurs. If anyone at Funcom wants the files in question, let me know.

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2 days later and I am starting to see the same kind of issues pop up. Possibly becoming worse. My server sometimes won’t shut down or restart properly, it reports an error when trying to restart, then gets stuck on “stopping”. I was disconnected 6 times in just over an hour last night and no-one else in my household was having any internet issues. Seeing 9999 ping on my server again now, then it disappeared entirely from the list (this was before I restarted it). Are any other server owners seeing the same things after close to a week of play on their testlive server? Seems almost like the dreaded Skyrim saved game bug - memory leak somewhere corrupting the save over time?

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