Corruption transformations (Were forms)

I wonder, what would you think if Were-wolf characters could use their own body as a bedroll if they weren’t killed by a Silver weapon?

Maybe they could use their body to rub their odors onto their environment and hence utilise the tempered location like it was a bedroll? I expect same or similar limitations to stay in place, when it comes to bedrolls and rubbing. To bring the strong enough odor up to their skin and the tip of their furry hair, they would need to get proper ingredients and exercise for that. Otherwise they won’t be able to mark (craft) the location properly.

I lost the pattern of thought here. Could you elaborate a bit further? :sweat_smile:

No to silver.

I like my pros and cons. My idea of were form is balance. There a reason I added armor penetration and unarmed damage bonus is unarmed damage has default 0% armor penetration and low damage. My version of were creatures are balance.

I see were creatures as scouts and information gathering. Due to no gear on them. They less risk of if they losing something important. However were creatures lack proper ways to heal. Remember Potions,special cook foods,buff potions and etc can’t be used by were creatures. They lose the ability to go beyond thier base level. A level 1 noob can use a legendary weapon if a clan member gives a level 1 noob a legendary weapon. Most noobs get iron,steel or harden steel weapons.

You know orbs do alot of damage to players. Times 3 that damage on were creatures. When a were creature dies they are forced to stay as a were creature. There last bed or bedroll they used as human would be thier spawn point.

Were creatures can’t craft. They can only carry raw meat,spoiled meat and bugs. This was a con to keep them from becoming unfair pack mules.

And this is why Were creatures shouldn’t be allowed in the game. They are always extremely unbalanced.

Unarmed doing bleed and sunder damage, also inflicting corruption which is a HUGE debuff against player characters. Which would have no way of being cured while in battle except with Cleansing Brew, which requires Level 29 to get a Stove, and is further walled off by being found up in the Tundra area.

So in effect, low level characters would be constantly griefed in PvP by Were players.

Nightvision - unbalanced because there is no cost to it

Passive Healing - game breaking, and as a result would become the new meta for PvP players because of the lifeblood spear bit, which was already decided to be too powerful for PvP, which is exactly how this would be used.

Corruption Healing - even more game breaking, because now you end up getting huge regeneration in areas where corruption normally damages you, ie most of the dungeons.

And then your cons, which are not cons in any sense of the word.

Armor breaks, so just take it off before you transform. Completely nullifies it.

Cannot craft/build/repair, but why would you bother? This is going to be used by PvP players to be ■■■■■■■■ to other players. They aren’t going to need to do this while normally playing.

The 50% chance of death from a silver arrow is a joke. Because unless it was available at extremely low levels so that any player could utilize them, then this would just mean low level characters will get abused, and this only benefits high level ones.

No matter how many times Bryan keeps bringing this idea up, it is never anything but extremely unbalanced and game breaking.

What your armor rating as of now? Last time I check we have spears,shields and etc. Firebowl cauldon unlocks at level 15. Let take a look at a level 15 were creature.

+5 stats bonus.
+100 Armor
+10 unarmed damage
+5% Armor penetration
+200 Health,stamina and encumbrance.

What does a level 15 player has access to?

Iron Tools.

Weapons: Iron Broadsword, Flanged Iron Mace, Iron Axe, Wooden Targe, Iron Pike, Javelin, Iron Poniard and all stone weapons.

Armor: Cloth,Light,Medium and heavy.

Basic heavy armor is 281 base armor.
Basic medium armor is 134 base armor.
Basic Light Armor is 26 base armor.
Cloth: Who cares no one PVP in cloth.

These are just basic no exceptional,flawless or epic versions of the base armors. There better armors out there. The human player is better geared and can use healing items. A level 30 were creature is needed to take on fully heavy armored level 15 player. My idea is focus on not OP were creatures. It is focus on were creatures getting better at higer level. If you truly want to injured a were creature badly use the orbs. Orbs are a were creature kryptonite.

My version isn’t overpowered. It is balance.

I merely used the term to make ’ rubbing ’ more understandable; how it works. You gather ingredients and other mats required to do it and then you’re able to utilise the skill on the spot, as if you were laying down a bedroll, but instead you leave a scent there that works the same way.

I limited were creature inventory to being meat,spoiled meat and bugs. This is so mining doesn’t becomes easy. I don’t want were creatures to become pack mules. What wrong with last bed you used as a human or the corruption pits?

This could suffice. When you get enough of these ingredients, you’re able to emanate strong enough odor and rub it to a target to mark it.

Bedroll still stays where the last is laid. Optionally you could still utilise it if you want to; same goes for the bed as well. Marking a spot would be a wereform specific respawn feature. Also, if one won’t utilise or get to utilise a respawn furniture soon enough or accidentally removes them (before they engage at a test drive of the form), then it’s good to have a reserve alternative at our disposal. Otherwise we respawn back to the beginning.

Bryan, for real, you should study game development, who knows theres a dormant jewel that could come out of your mind to life, the more games the better.

Well originally I suggested that silver arrows would one shot were wolves 100% of the time but he didn’t like that…

As for the armor breaking on transformation I suppose that would be paired with not being able to put armor on while transformed… (I figured that attempting to put it back on while still transformed would break it.)

To balance it I figure as soon as you can get silver you should be able to make silver arrows.

Heck I’d be fine with simply the pros being:

No stamina drain from sprinting/climbing.(Only while transformed)
Bleed damage from light attacks corruption damage from heavy attacks. (Only while transformed.)
Night vision(I figure they should be more dangerous at night.)
Passive regeneration while transformed.
Can use your body as a re-spawn point when killed by anything that isn’t silver.

With the cons being.

Armor breaks while transformed…(This includes any armor you try to equip)
Can’t equip weapons or tools while transformed. (You’re a beast no tools for you, though you still keep your inventory. This also gets rid of your defense against arrows while transformed)
Silver arrows have a good chance of killing you instantly… (My preference is 100% chance; at least on fully charged power shots…)
Also transformation form is limited to nighttime, perhaps even mandatory at night… (If you don’t take your armor off before the moon is out it will break, no farming anything at night because you can’t use tools at night.)

But yeah I can see it being overpowered but still an interesting idea to play around with, at least as something that some modder can mod into the game.

Corruption damage on ANY attacks is extremely unbalanced. It’s never going to be anything but unbalanced.

I’ve already said, the only way to cure corruption is via Dancers, or a Cleansing Brew. Cleansing Brew cannot be made until you are level 29 and can go to the Tundra to get the recipe.

That means anyone below level 29 is going to get destroyed by Were players. They are going to have to race to their base if they are lucky enough to have a Dancer thrall. Or else they are going to have to go to one of the NPC dancer locations, like Sepermeru.

And the Were player can hound them the entire way, savaging their max health and weakening them further.

You cannot balance that sort of attack to allow players to utilize it.

Armor breaking is just not a con. Because if you take the armor off, it won’t break. That negates the entire point of even having the con in the first place.

Unless silver arrows are available to craft instantly at Level 1, the silver arrow weakness is also not a Con. He tried some nonsense like this the last time he brought up this suggestion. Only high level players actually had access to the stuff that “could easily kill Were players”, I believe it was Obsidian and Star Metal gear. Meaning anyone at lower levels is basically just Were bait.

The way I see a Were being done, in a more balanced way:

  1. You are required to craft something using metal to “sharpen” your claws. You will be given an innate durability, that degrades on every attack. When it runs out, your attacks are severely weakened, until you “sharpen” to restore them. This is balanced because it mimics how everyone else’s weapons work.

  2. Your attacks do bleed damage only.

  3. You can activate a night vision effect while transformed.

  4. Your armor level is scaled based on your player level. IE, you end up with roughly the equivalent of what everyone is capable of having at that level. You don’t get any special defense benefits from being a Were creature.

  5. You do not get any special health perks either. You only get access to the same perks as every other player. If you wish to eat raw meat, add the Survival perk to your build. If you want health regen, add the Vitality perk to your build.

This is far more balanced than anything else that has been listed for this.

To add in a balanced negative, make Were creatures sensitive to light. If getting near a light source, inhibit their vision, weakening their attacks. Make it a danger for them to try and raid someone’s base in their transformed state.

Did you miss where I suggest that the pros only work at night? (Anyone under level 30 can still hide in their house when the werewolves are actually able to the corruption damage… And I figure making Silver arrows being something you can do as easily as crafting bone arrows would make them think twice about skulking around a base at night since they could possibly be one shot through a window by some noob with silver arrows or hell thralls geared up with silver arrows if its full PvP…)

During the day they are basically a normal dude with no cool powers except for being able to re-spawn where he died instead of having to rely on a bed or bedroll… Heck I’d be fine with them only having bleed and forget the corruption damage entirely… )

But that also means any players under 29 are essentially trapped in their homes during the night. I don’t know how many IRL minutes night lasts on the official servers. But you are basically saying those players are required to sit and do nothing in their homes for that amount of time, instead of playing the game.

That is what is known as a game-killer.

I think it was like 10-15 minutes or so… (And I think the day tends to be longer than the night…) And do nothing? Pretty sure they could craft things at night, cook food, make weapons/armor and perhaps even silver arrows to possibly shoot those pesky werewolves dead… (Heck if we go with classic werewolf lore we could have the whole werewolf status be something that can be passed from player to player… Wouldn’t that be a hell of a thing? What if we limit it to one werewolf per server and the wear-wolf status is passed from player to player like a game of tag…)

But that is still largely predicated on them having a large enough base to have crafting stations inside. And the thing is, lowbie characters just starting out, aren’t going to have this. It takes time to build up enough resources for that.

Most of my starting bases in single player are a simple 2x2 shack with a chest inside. The crafting stations are outside close by. With a few torches, when available, so I can stand outside to craft at night.

Last I checked you can fit two or three crafting stations inside a two by two shack… And your whole argument is predicated that nobody of a decent level would bother to look out for the newbies… (And if it’s a PvE C server odds of that are slightly higher than everyone being a dick… and if it’s full PvP I don’t see it making much of a difference if it’s an alpha clan or a lone were wolf, you will be killed and nothing will keep you safe.

You can’t move corruption pits.