Corruption zeroed out after dying with uncertain respawn place

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug? Maybe
Region: Private Server

Somehow my corruption got zeroed out when I was accidentally disconnected and the game was confused where to respawn me. Corruption went from about 5% to zero.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
I don’t know if this can be reproduced but here is what happened

  1. Make bed spawn location (base)
  2. Create bedroll and make it respawn location (away)
  3. Roll up bedroll and put in inventory
  4. Have accidental disconnection (I had power chord unplugged suddenly by accident)
  5. Die at hands of NPC while you are disconnected
  6. When I started again I was at my bed (base) I could not find my old body when I looked for it and lost the inventory it was carrying but I looked at my health bar and there was zero corruption. Prior to incident it was at about 5%