Cosmetic - Hair suggestions

A cosmetic suggestion.
Would like to see the hairstyles less… chunky.
Example, the long straight hairstyle on the females - it looks more like a cape than hair, in its animations.
I would like to suggest breaking (this one especially but could apply to others as well) into smaller chunks
I would suggest roughly 5, symetrical chunks. 2 “long bangs” that would frame the face when they break away from the rest of the hair, 2 flanking those just behind the ears about the same size or a little larger than the ones infront of the ears, and 1, the largest, in the back.

Next, I’d like to suggest some variations in the colors of the hair textures. Subtle highlights and lowlights, darker undersides (back of the crown/nape of the neck) with lighter strands over top, etc, instead of the blocky looking color it has right now.