Cosmetics killing due to temperature change and random dissapearance of materials

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After logging back into the game after a few days offline I awoke in game naked. Subsequently I knew I had died. I checked the event log and sure enough I had died and lost everything on my character. What I found weird was the cause of death. I died due to temperature change. I have built a base to house my player and within this particular room(where I logged out and consider a bedroom) I have 2 sources of light. One is a Nemedian fireplace and the other is a Turanian lamp. I tested the room after this and found that my avatar goes to the extremely hot state and loses his health. I find this quite odd considering those items are cosmetic in nature. This in itself caused rhe loss of valuable resources and items and was completely unforeseen. I have taken screenshot of it all if needed. The items involved here should not be enough to kill a person when they are intended to be decorative and said person Is attempting to decorate.

---- secondly, a few days later I also randomly lost items from my storage boxes. I have large wooden storage boxes placed around my base.when I logged in this day I went straight to the server event page to check what had happened in my absence. It said 1236 hardened steel bar, 1500 iron bar, 22000 steel bar and 7000 hardened brick had been lost. The reason for this I have no idea. Those materials were in 2 storage boxes; metals in one, stone in the other. Both boxes now stand empty.

The items i lost (predator blade, final breath of the red mother- not name a couple) aswell as the materials were gathered in anticiaption of ‘Age of War’ but i find myself now in two minds. Any help would be welcome

Unfortunately no screenshots are attached as the function seems unavailable for new users. I have all screenshits of the event log if requested and the room with the cosmetics in question.

Fireplaces have always provided heat, they’re not just cosmetic. Sorry for your loss.

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