Cosplay armor sets

@Cyryus there you go. Hope you like them.

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Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars

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Btw if anyone on pc can get a pic of the ghast blade in the maelstrom to see if it glows green like star metal I would appreciate it.

So I’ve been working on a pvp build with the potential to turn the meta on its ear. If used properly this build can 1v5 to 1v7 pretty easily. That said your average Leroy Jenkins pvposer is dead to rights trying to use this build. It takes a patient and calculated approach. With proper skill, planning, practice, and understanding this build is a must have for any alpha clan or a way to dethrone those who do not have one to defend them.

it is called The Shenobi. This is NOT CHEAP! While it is dlc free and mod free (always mod free) there is substantial grinding involved. You need a very specific kit to pull it off. The thrall is a t4 bearer with the same gender as you named the same as your character. The armor is sandstorm mask, flawless epic shemite tunic, flawless epic shemite gloves, vermin hide pants, and vermin hide boots but for your thrall you should swap the tunic for the exquisite silk shirt. Use mostly midnight blue dye but also add some blue, dark blue, and a little black just to break it up a little bit. Every armor piece should have a bulked plating.

The attribute expenditure is 15 strength 5 agility 32 vitality 24 accuracy
26 grit 26 encumbrance and 4 survival.
The temporary buffs are vitality warpaint for you agility warpaint for your thrall (thrall should be leveled for agility due to light armor use) you need all special fish buffs as well as elixir of numbing and hunters potion.

The weapon set here should be The Huntress (eye of the khan or in emergencies derketo’s voice work too) with a master weapon fitting, a flawless star metal bow with a master durability upgrade, venom infused daggers with a balanced weapon fitting, and your thrall gets venom infused daggers with a master weapon fitting. (The daggers are good for thralls in the right circumstances you just need to know how the ai reacts to them and use them to your advantage)

Your consumables here are a stack of herbal tea, a stack of roast haunch, a stack of infused aloe extract, 10 elixir of freedom, 13 set antidote, 3 silken wraps, a stack of argossean dream dust, and a stack of gruel for your thrall. (Also give your thrall 1 cooked pork rind for the buff)

The tactics and ammunition are what make this build work.

For ammunition you need 2 stacks of dragon bone arrows equipped to the huntress and 3 stacks of smoke arrows equipped to the star metal bow. (Only 1 stack of each should be in your inventory the rest should be on your thrall along with most of your consumables) You also need 11 cimmerian berserkers in item form (these serve as substitutions for you to throw down in front of advancing enemies so interrupt movement and serve as expendable meat shields that can cause some real damage. (Cimmerian berserkers are used specifically because they always start out with star metal great swords which have high stats, wide range, and solid reach making them great for catching enemies in the attack net) the last set of ammunition is 11 white tigers to serve as either summons or transformations (depending on how you use them) the tigers are used specifically because the white color and black stripes make them almost invisible in the smoke at night and they can cause bleed while having a sporadic movement pattern that is both hard to track and hard to predict. When the target moves randomly in wild ways (even changing direction mid air) and is invisible fighting back becomes a nightmare. Direwolves could work too but don’t have the move set or bleed consistency and often stand in front of the target for far too long.

The tactics are largely the same as historical ninja. Hide up high because most people don’t look up above a 45degree angle. Only move around and hunt at night letting you blend into the night sky. Confuse the enemy. Never let them know we’re you are. Open the battle with a damage arrow on the softest target and try to drop them fast to reduce numbers. Stay rear the edges of cliffs so horses can’t charge you without dying too. Leave the spot after you shoot so the enemy can’t track you. Hit and run tactics are really effective. Use your tigers and berserkers wisely since you will only have carry capacity for 2 of each at a time and all the others will be on your thrall.

This build is very skill focused but uses very different skills from most people. Inventory management, patience, timing, strategy, and many others that are subtle. It is also very expensive due to the overwhelming dependency on temporary buffs and ammunition. Not to mention thinking of cimmerian berserkers and greater pets as expendable meat shields (which you will break bonds with after the fight to hide your trial). You will need dream dust because you need to see at night and can’t use a light source since it would make you visible. Venom infused daggers are needed because they don’t run out of poison mid fight so they are substantially better than any other daggers at doing what daggers want to do (applying damage over time effects). Also a t4 bearer with solid enough stats is hard to come by which makes tons of grinding.

There is also substantial risk involved in this build. You have light armor which makes you nimble and basically untouchable but if you make a mistake you are dead and your thrall is in light armor at around 550-650 armor on average (lower than the soft cap of 800) but they should have decent health (10k-14k is normal) but if your thrall dies the enemy wins the jackpot since most of your loot is on them.

Between the thrall backflipping and being invisible in the smoke and darkness combined with the tigers and berserkers distracting the enemy and you occasionally calling your thrall back to reload your summons while you keep your distance and maintain the smokescreen they should live longer than the numbers suggest. If you do need to melee you want to focus on the bread and butter combo of the daggers (light, heavy, backflip) which is not only effective use of daggers but also mimics the actions of a thrall exceptionally well making it even harder for the enemy to tell the difference between you and your thrall.


I don’t know Conan Exiles PVP well enough to comment, but a good read regardless :smiley:

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Buddhist Monk

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omg i want it <3

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Which one did you want? I can tell you what armor pieces you will need.

Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star

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Black Widow from Marvel. The best part about weapon masters is every weapon is cannon. Though for my money, daggers with a balanced weapon fitting feel awesome.

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Yo… I never read the storyline for the Jedias Greatsaber… I approve the hidden message…



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Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist

Light Saiyan Battle Armor
Medium Saiyan Battle armor
Heavy Saiyan Battle armor

Like how I added Jedi armor so you could play your own O.C. Jedi I thought someone might want to play as a saiyan O.C.

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