Cosplay (not mine)

I saw this on Imgur today and thought it deserved to be posted here, for a chuckle and for awesome creativity:


And perfect timing 4 this season


I can see the pillars are argosean :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


@CodeMage, I believe that your title must include the word abomination to be popular :rofl::rofl::rofl:, or at least pizza with pineapple.
In any case I have an off topic question here. It is involved with the game…
I always go to buccaneers Bay and climb the tents to speak with a woman so I can learn stygian alchemy. However I still don’t know the benefits of this action, I just do it. Is there any?

It gives you a recipe for Vehemence Elixir, which you can craft at alchemist’s bench. The elixir gives you a specific temperature effect, depending on where you are when you consume it. If you’re in a hot area, it will lower your temperature. If you’re in a cold area, it will raise it.

However, be advised that the effect won’t change when you go from one area to another. So if you drink it in the volcano, it will cool you down. If you then take one of the exits from the volcano into the Frozen North, you’ll get frostbite.


credit goes to Knightmage1, also I’m absolutely reposting this


Thanks for finding who did it! I just it randomly on Imgur and it wasn’t credited there :slight_smile:


Sorry for the off topic :rofl::rofl::rofl:, again,
This leads that this actually is the best way to visit safely extrem temp areas for very early in the game…
Omg, more than 3 years never used one 🤦🏼
Still learning…

I love how I can learn something completely new, in a topic that has nothing to do with what I just learned. :grinning:


@Caffeine It is so weird with me. Maybe because when I play the game, I always observe situations and I say to my self, later on I will ask the forum veterans. So no matter the topic I pop the question like a.,? #"+
I cannot thank you all for all your tolerance. Especially @CodeMage.

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