Cost of Magic quest


One thing to point out. They can do the mission for you but not the achievement whichis part of the stuff needed for Unseen. Still of the opinion that the jumping part of Cost of magic should be excluded from Unseen.


Agreed. I desperately want that achievement on my main, Tristan, and damn near every other part of it seems doable with some effort… but I despair of ever getting Unseen because of that stupid jumping puzzle.


People make this out to be worse than it is.

If you have a sprint above 4, set your sprint manually back to 4 for this.

The jumping is a rhythm, jump, back up a step, move forward and jump, back up a step, turn and forward and jump again.

It can be done with a few seconds to spare and if you fall you can just start the timer over again.


Maybe on a good machine that is possible, but as soon as you get into the realm were server prediction happens forget “easy”.
Stop rubbing it into people that YOU can do it with your setup, just with a little rythm and keep in mind that some people play on toasters and the game loves to not register jumping when jumping of small things thanks to the server having a millisecond coffeebreak.

Sorry to get loud but it’s something that goes on my nerves that people expect that everyone gets the same performance and experience out of the game.


It took me a long, long time to get the hang of that part, especially as i was going for the achievement.
Even now if i go back to it, i fall multiple times then woosh, straight up with no issues. it is a very tricky quest and can no wrong so easly.
I still enjoy it though :slight_smile:


Welcome to the game! :slight_smile:

If you want some downtime from “Cost of Magic” you can get the awesome title “Lava game champion”.

In the Kingsmouth junkyard there’s a toilet standing on top of a container in the far back of the yard.
If you can make it from the toilet to the roof of the schoolbus without touching ground, you will forever be known as the “Lava game champion”.

Also, you’ll be really good at jumping between stuff. :slight_smile:

//Bambi (proud lava game champion)


Angle the camera high over your character looking down over you. Easiento judgendistance that way.



Of course, the worst people in this case are Funcom.

SWL was an opportunity to either fix the wonky server prediction, or, should they prove incapable of that, get rid of unfair jumping puzzles and related achievements.

As such, CoM is a strong piece of evidence SWL was never about actually improving the game experience for a broader audience.


The engine is six years old at this point so it’s probably not too unreasonable for people to assume everyone is running the game reasonably smoothly. Sucks for you if that’s not the case but maybe don’t go in on people trying to help?

You gonna print that out and put it in a big manilla folder labelled “PROSSECUTION CAES”? :v:

Personally, I’ve found the jumping puzzles to be way easier in SWL than TSW (in large part because you no longer seem to fail based on the server’s predicted position) but they’re still annoying and I daresay the game would be more enjoyable for most people if they didn’t have to do them. I think most of them can be skipped though, so it’s not the end of the world.


For me, the Cost of Magic platforms don’t even deserve to be called a “jumping puzzle”. Everything is clearly marked and every jump is exactly the same.

Lava Game Champion… now that’s a proper puzzle the first time you do it.


Yeah the stones in the lake are a jumping puzzle, the floating platforms are more of a trial I guess. :v:


Back in TSW, common advice was to switch to reticule targeting while doing the jumping part of CoM to easier ensure the correct facing to the next platform.


The stones in the lake are a very straightforward path.

Or at least they would be, if the beyond crappy predictive server behavior didn’t mis-predict jumps 10 times out of 9.


Trick to prevent poor prediction, is to aim for the center of a platform. The error happens when you land close to the far edge. When i do the jumps i let go of the forward movement mid jump. Not sure if the prediction system registers the stop in forward motion in time to get the prediction right that way. Whatever it is, it usually prevents me from getting the wrongful failure together with aiming for the middle.


It’s not even the only speed challenge for Unseen, and you can reset the platforms as often as you like as long as you don’t pick up the herbs.


Some people’s experiences jibe so poorly with mine that it feels like I’m using a different jumping technique that just works better with stuttery framerates.

To jump, I press forward, then jump, then let go of both. This is not a Mario game, you have momentum in the air and will make it to the next platform iff you jumped while running.

Ways to do it wrong:

  1. press jump and forward at the same time. This comes down to luck as to how much forward momentum you get.
  2. keep holding forward key for the entire jump. If you lag or have framedrops, you’ll run right off the next platform.

By letting go of both you can have quite serious stutters (like that one hall in South Africa) and the game won’t pretend you were running forward through them adn kill you.

The only time you need to hold a direction in the air is if you’re forced to jump straight up and need to land on a ledge. Holding a direction hooks your toe onto the ledge somehow.

Of course a bit of strategizing comes into play. CoM’s unseen achievement is easier if you activate the middle section of platforms, then return to the start of the achievement, so you don’t have to wait 3 seconds activating in the middle of a timed sequence. You could even have someone stationed ready to activate the 3rd set of platforms for you if another couple seconds would matter, but it’s pretty generously timed as long as you don’t panic and just jump, stop, position, jump, stop, position, repeat.


The problem is, for some of us, doing exactly that means the shoody predicitve algorothm assumes we didn’t plan on jumping about 3 times out of 10. Instead, it’ll assume you totally wanted to run into the water (at the lake), off the platform, or straight into the laser tripwire in front of you.

Basically, that’s the shoddy algorithm ■■■■■■■■ up rarely enough that most Unseem missions can complete without a hitch after a couple of tries; however, it’s the bloody useless algorithmn failing entirely frequently enough to render the two CoM jumping portions essentially uncompletable.

Funcom obviously can’t ensure their predicitve algorithms work properly for everyone. And they obviously know that. They changed that cellar mission in Kingsmouth!

Why didn’t they change the more broken-by-“predictiveness” CoM segments?


Exactly that. Only reason I made some Unseens is because I planned with it in mind.
Lots of thinking how to pull off “safe jumps” (Jumps that can’t go wrong because something stops you in front of the laserwire or where you can’t jump to far because a wall stops you)…just some missions like CoM really don’t have the leeway. Foulfellow and gibbons is one I never touch again for it being such a horrible mission if you have lags even if I exclude the lag bug in there.


Cause the cellar mission is now mandatory and the first “real” sabotage while CoM is entirely optional and something like the 10th one you’ll see?

I haven’t run it in TSW in too long to know what they even changed though, I assume they just removed floor tripwires and some cameras to make it easier, unrelated to your client issues.

Unless your ping time’s spiking over 200 regularly the predictions are fine, of course they can’t make it work on a poor connection, and due to downsizing they don’t have global servers anymore…


I used to just faceroll my way into the lag-laser, but then eventually I got the hang of turning sideways after the corner and zig-zagging forwards and backwards slowly towards the laser. Works like a charm. Strafing might work too.

But that’s only part of the issue you’re having. I get the impression something must set some of us apart when it comes to the jumping difficulty, and I do wonder if it’s the speed & reliability of one’s internet connection.