Cost of Magic quest


That, however, is an excuse as opposed to a valid - at least while CoM is not entirely optional for completionists and achievement hunters.

Leaving the worst parts of CoM (mostly) unchanged is adding insult to injury on that front, and Funcom seeming incapable of grasping that makes them look really bad.

They actually added non-jumping ways of bypassing tripwires. The first time running that mission actually gave me the impression Funcom really cared about how glitchy jumping is!

Alas, it seems they were just pulling wool over my eyes…


My connection is pretty good being connected to the net by cable. What bottlenecks for me, at least as far as I can make judgement about it, is the CPU.
Sometimes the CPU is a bit fighting to keep up with the game (laptop and old one on top) so I get laggy behaviour that is enough to not make a few jumps over lasers by not registering jumps at the correct time. Especially the last room turned out to be tricky. That said thanks to being able to reset the achievement I managed it at some point and since then never had reason to come back to it. Generally the issue is worse the less space I have before the jump. Reason why Sins of the father is relative easy in comparision.


I’ve done the achievements for the acid lake and the platforms parts when I wasn’t doing CoF, so it’s even possible to do them without the mission active.


I don’t get why anyone’s talking about the lake part of CoM -it’s a cakewalk. Even I did that part with zero effort (once I realised the water was toxic). It’s the damn floating, fall at any point and you need to start over and, oh by the way, they’re contrary to the internal logic of the quest as given by Zarah-platforms that are the problem with it.


I recently went back to get that one done on my alts, which were now sprint 6. It was phenomenally harder than I recalled with sprint 4. I suspect it’s more a matter of what you are accustomed to for jump distance than anything else. Try different sprint levels. I suspect one will feel much more natural and easy than the rest.

Also, I recall being knocked off at one point and why – the final few jumps before reaching the first big rock (when rounding the corner, it’s on your left), you want to not hit the rock. Aim a bit away from the rock, 'cuz you’ll bounce off and fall if you graze it.


As far as I could test, sprint speed does not affect jump distance. Sprint classification (vehicle goes marginally farther than running) and non-sprint speed buffs can. If you just want to finish the mission by any means through performance issues, set your sprint to level 1 to give yourself the widest margin of error. 4 is probably a better compromise for the achievement.


It’s really easy to notice your character slowing down when you jump while using sprint 6, so I think you’re right.


While this is true, for many a slower sprint help, as it takes a longer forward pres to run off an edge. I usually recommend using sprint 2-3 if they tend to jump too late or too far.


The best advice I can give is to jump from the center of the platform. The closer to the edge you start jumping the closer to the edge of the next platform you’ll land, increasing the risk of running (or lagging) off of it.


Letting go of [forwards] mid-air is something I’d recommend for anyone attempting this too. Lag might conceivably scupper one’s attempts, but it’s worth trying.