Could anyone please point me to a list of what all the new benches do?

There are four alchemy benches now and the text description is longer than the game can show, so that’s cut off, and all the descriptions are vague and people are saying the benches don’t really do what they are advertising - the wiki is also very outdated now and the devs have not updated it to give us exactly the information of what everything does.

So, does anyone have a list of exactly what each bench does now?

Also, where does one make demon-fire orbs now? I thought all that stuff was baked into the new alchemy benches, but I don’t have that option - don’t tell me I still need a stupid thrall for that?

Thanks all. We need more information to all the players asap.

Full of bugs atm, use the old improved ones. And maybe the 3 story tall furnace.

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you always did and you still do

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Yes a t1 thrall gives the orbs reciepes

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Is it safe to take thralls?


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