Could not find weighted table with id: we

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash | Bug
Server type: PvE]
Region: NA

At first I thought it was a mod as I was playing around with different ones.

After multiple re-installs and data wipes… it is still present. I closed the server down, rented a new one on the other side of the country. Fresh install, NO .ini changes. Still get…

SpawnNPCFromWeightedTable - could not find weighted table with id: we
could not spawn NPC with SpawnTableID: we, at location: X=-82677.680 Y=128953.852 Z=-5491.875

It is trying to spawn something past the green wall in the north above the undead bat caves. And it keeps trying and trying till the server crashes eventually. Any help from Devs, or players that have had this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Server script running with no players, no mods, no .ini changes.

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Hey @Jazrek

Thanks for the eagle-eyed catch. We’re informing our team about this error log to see if it’s something to worry about. :slight_smile:


There are a few mistyped entries. This, among a few others, was included in my spawn bug report I wrote up for the dev team.

The spawn itself shouldn’t cause a server crash. It’s on every game version out there, official or otherwise.

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