Could slow mounts be possible?

Hey there just like to say before I start I’m loving the game, have done a good job and has come a long way since initial preview launch. I read the other day that you couldn’t add mounts due to the speed of them create bug problems. I’m not a programmer so I wouldn’t know if it was possible. But could you add mounts that were bigger? Like rhinos and elephants. That could be used in sieges. That moved slowly so as to not bug the system. Perks to them could be increased hit damage while riding as well as taking hit damage before your player. You would also look awesome. The mounts could also be used to cause structure damage. I’m not sure if that’s possible without bugging the system these mounts would be realistic to move same speed as the character and I think would be an awesome patch if it were possible. What do others think?


Replace Bearers with Donkeys and Camels.

Honest to god, I’d kill to have a bearer follow you around banging coconuts together. It’d be hysterical.


Yeh but what’s faster a African or a European swallow?