Could someone for the love of God, make Cloud Saves for Steam available?!?!?!

So, I got this game, played it for a while. Built some stuff. Wanted to play on my Steam Deck at my friend’s house to show him and his wife what I had done. Got the game running (after some trial and error) and went to go check out my Single Player Save Game that I had from playing on my PC.

Wasn’t showing up. Dug around the internet, did some research, found out it was pointless because no F***ING CLOUD SAVES, unless I want to do this shit myself. No thanks, that’s why I have Steam, it does it for me.

How bloody hard would it be for some high-muckety-muck at the Glorious and Illustrious Funcom (sarcasm is sarcastic) to actually get up off their ass and have this implemented into the game?!?!?!

Really? It’s pretty rare now for this NOT to be a thing. I know, it was initially released in 2017, you know, the before-times! Still though, there are PLENTY of other studios, even Indie ones, who have either implemented this by default or added it after the fact.

Why not you, Funcom? I think it’s more apt to call you F**kYoucom, because that’s what you seem to say to us, your customers, at every turn, meanwhile doing everything you can to bleed every last God-Forsaken PENNY out of us.

If I could get a refund, I would. Unfortunately I’ve put too much time into it and have had it waaaaay past the generous 2 week window that Steam allows for. Gee, I’m sure you didn’t take every f**king cue you could from good ol’ B.F. Skinner, huh?

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