Could use some help with the Foreman's quest line


One of my chars, Enniton, (1) has no pass card for Foreman’s, and (2) cannot start the quest chain to get one. Tried talking both to Dr. Hercules Lincoln in SAV, who gives me the quest to find 3 different tissue samples, and to Linda inside the Foreman’s, who says something like she’s busy and cannot talk to me. I have checked all my bags like 10 times, and I am pretty sure I have no pass on this toon. Tried petitioning both in-game and through the e-mail support form on the web site, no response. :frowning: What to do?


If Dr. Hercules Lincoln is giving you the quest for the tissue samples you have done the quest for the alpha card already. If you no longer have the card, petitioning for a lost item is the right solution, but it may unfortunately indeed take a few days to a get a response.


Thank you for your response. Unfоrtunately, feeling frustrated, I had decided to reroll that char before I’ve read it, but, since she was only 60ish, it won’t take much time to level a new one to the same level :slight_smile: