Could we get a detailed roadmap of what the dev team plans to do to fix this unmitigated mess of a launch?


I bought the game in early access.

Played the game through bugs and BS uncountable. Made some friends, plenty of enemies, had a lot of fun.

I have a clan, too.

Please, please fix this. We were waiting for this for months. We wanted a chance to start with everyone else, have fun, play on servers full of people to have the carnagey fun this game can definitely deliver.

I’d like to know what the plan is here, cause this is not a good look and I am fairly sure I’m just one of thousands who don’t get to play the game they paid for.

EU servers go up to about 1300, they are all capped, which means about 50k people are getting to play in my region right now. some american servers have even 10 slots free so I’m guessing the lion’s share of the sales is not there, and according to articles the sales are in the million and then some.

Even in the most conservative estimates possible, say only 250k units were sold in Europe since early access, this means at the very least 4/5 people who paid for a copy don’t get to play, this is a catastrophic miscalculation of the player base, and it could honestly end up killing the game, if enough big clans consolidate their power on the existing servers before the playerbase tapers off.

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Well it seems they never thought the game will be this popular.

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