Could we have "Conan Unconquered" in Age of Conan?


I know, sounds weird, unreal but still worth to ask.

I just imagined that Funcom could use existing (PvP) zones, for instance, Border to Kush by simply copy/paste and let people group up, up to 24-96 people, let them build and defend the city. Age of Conan has tons of mobs/bosses which could be copied, tweaked to handle group/raid of people. I’d love to see more and more, difficult opponents come over time and rape our base. We could have random loot boxes around the map, random mobs and bosses witch an extra loot to rebuild the city, potions to boost stats, just for that particular instance. I mean, just my 2 cents, I would definitely enjoy a couple of hours every week by fighting with “something” new (in the open world). Isn’t that time to replace world bosses?.. (eh?) It could be open 24/7 or like world bosses, from time to time.

Ps. If you don’t like this idea, I’m fine with that, just saying.



Well nothing I’d ever do, but I think all the mechanic’s are already in the game, they’d just need to be put into one place.

  • No building, but Guild Forts are there, so make it an instance thing so you don’t even need a whole zone
  • They already have ‘wave attacks’ in game so just up the numbers
  • Grouping, what’s the top right now? 24? or is Raid Finder more? so that’s there

Would just have to make an instance with all those in one place

Doable yes, but would they want to cut potential customers from their new game? That’s the question and I’m thinking NO.

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I think people who like “They are billions” games wouldn’t drop Conan Unconquered just to play Age of Conan with this mode.