Courious about the player activity on xbox console. Please just xbox voters

Pick one please.

  • Log to refresh only due to lack of interest or time
  • Log to refresh only due to game’s current “unplayable” state
  • Log to play daily
  • Log to play weekends

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Commenting to keep this open.

Excellent post :+1::+1:
Our clan is actually a little dead …
playing Cod , H5 , Res7 , TC Division , trials rising …

Courage everyone. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Should have put in there ,
Vote - uninstalled game , game unplayable

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Sorry to hear that you cannot play. I understand your decision to uninstall.

Refreshing post

I play daily. Either to refresh bases or build because server near dead so why not build my own cities. Shrugs.

Thats why i started this poll, when i am capable of logging in, i mostly just see my own name in the player list…so i was curious where everyone is, logging wise.
Its almost like most xboxers have given up.

I did log in every so often just so my stuff wouldn’t decay.
A lone player that just got constantly trolled by alpha clans.
My solo game seems lonely my pvp game is just frustrating.

I know that you said Xbox only but in ps4 things are the same. Consoles stay behind. To many bugs every time, different bugs, solitude in the server… Game over

Understand. I am fearful exiles on console may go the way of another well known game killed by devs of another company. ( think zombies every week ). No more updates, no more communication and eventually dead on console. I hope not, but the hope I do have left dwindles more each day. I mean my god, they haven’t even removed the damn corrupted message from start screen yet…wth?

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