Cover the foundations with walls

How can I cover the foundations with walls? I see it in many videos but I can’t

That’s a mod thing (Lesser Building Placement Restrictions)


In vanilla game you can only cover stacked foundations with walls, it is done by placing the walls first and then put foundations up against them - Foundations that are partly into ground cannot be covered with walls, there you have to use a different technique by using pillars with ceilings on top and then hang a wall piece down from the edge so that it goes into ground - last option is as Arthurh3535 said… Using the LBPR mod in either singleplayer or on a private server :slight_smile:


ok thanks, so it’s the youtubers who have confused me, it can be done but not on the official server

It can be done on Official Servers and as far as I know is still quite legal. @Frillen has all the goods.

I like to do this for aesthetic reasons. You ever see how beautiful an Arena-DLC castle looks with a full wrap of walls? It’s stunning. One warning: if you’re attacked in PvP it is nearly impossible to repair the skin again without major reconstruction or ugly patches. :smiley:

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No you can do it in vanilla but it needs to start the other way around. Still your first foundations is a bit difficult, but if you already placed the foundations it’s over. The reason is simple, first the wall then the foundation not the other way around
@JJDancer, is it possible to upload the workaround I send to your post, so I won’t have to explain to @Undertacker1976 from the beginning, thank you

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so was fence stacking. But I fear eventually this will fall into an exploit because it causes issues with the sharing space reason fencing is now considered “bad” by funcom.

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Fence stacking was kinda different because it didn’t usually end with one extra layer of building piece, but dozens.With walls-covering-foundations the most you get is one extra layer per foundation block width.

Both are about the same. Fence stacking 10 fences is no different than making a 10 foundation thick wall, which actually consumes more area. The stacking was more than likely a shared spot calculation issue, and this walls around a foundation may be the same issue.

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