Craftable, but not repairable


As the title states, this one has discovered an item (Bindings of the Dead) that is craftable, but seem to still be accidentally classed as Legendary and thus not repairable.

If anyone else discovers similar items, please note them here so we may track them together and hopefully make the work of adjusting them easier.

This one will compile a list here in the top post.

Craftable but still listed as Legendary

  1. Bindings of the Dead
  2. Glowing stick (repairable, but misclassified as Legendary)

The Glowing Stick also has the Legendary golden border trim around it, but I just tested it and despite the false trim, it can be repaired. Did you test the Bindings of the Dead?

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This one did test the bindings, but not on the bench yet.


Has a repair kit ever worked on bindings (any of them) before?

I know you can’t put mods on them. So I figured repair kits also didn’t work.

Yes, a legendary weapon repair kit use to repair the Bindings of the Dead.


I was able to repair bindings on a bench with mats post patch

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What about epic delving recipes?

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Tested repairing those too and works


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