Crafter for dryers

It’s odd that all crafting stations besides dryers can have a crafter attached to them.

Can we get crafters for dryers please? The bark usage is nutritious atm.

Neither has the grinder station…

Not sure a crafter could be attached to the fluid press too. And the compost heap, planter, behive, animal pen can’t have crafters.

I think dryers should have a cook NPC work there… most of the others could also have the artisan benches style of “any NPC”

None of the stations mentioned in these replies use fuel. Only the dryer.

While it would be nice to lower fuel costs, it doesn’t make logical sense. Cooks cook food, smiths craft metals, alchemists concoct things, etc., but dryers don’t need anyone to actively do anything, things can just dry by themselves.

(Note: Yes, there are plenty of things that don’t make logical sense already in the game. That doesn’t mean we should keep adding to them.)

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Neither artisan table or carpenter bench have fuel… or blacksmith or armorer…

The thralls only reduce costs and time for such tables and for the tortures/taskmaster table, you only unlock 1 Item (iron chains).

None of those stations were mentioned at the time of my reply.

Would rather just see the bark cost lowered.
It should also work without bark, but at the cost of speed.

Then we’d just see factory floors full of dryers. Whether that’s a problem I’ll let others decide, but that’d for sure be the outcome of such a change.

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Given the products provided by the dryer, I do not think it will be a problem compared to fish traps and fluid presses.

A fair point. Like I said, I’m not necessarily saying it’s a problem. Just pointing out what would be the consequence.

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