Crafting costs slider

Look, the crafting cost reduced with a slider is not working (most likely) as originally intended.

Let’s say that you have 50% cheaper crafting setting, the thing is that it also affects half-products like shaped wood, iron bars, steel reinforcements, crafting bricks at furnance and stip hide operations, then you are getting the 50% “discount” again as you make a final product like armor, animal pen, crafting benches etc. which makes it 50% reduced by the next following 50% reduction. So the final formula for costs is 1.0 x 0,5 x 0,5, not simply 1.0 x 0,5.

I strongly believe that only the final crafting products should be affected by “crafting cost multiplier” slider.

Solution to set the slider to be for example 75% so it should be 1.0 x 0.75 x 0.75 which theoretically should result 0.5625 does not do the job.

Costs are rounded down by the system, so practically (for example) 2 unit cost reduced theoretically by 25% is rounded down to 1 unit which is practically 50%, in the end you set “crafting cost multiplier” to be 25% but you get around 40-75% reduced costs.

That’s not a problem how the game rounds numbers up or down to be honest, the thing is that crafting the materials (steel fire, alchemical base etc.) used to craft the final product are affected by the craft cost reduction. I hope that you make a hotfix for it.

By the way you could also make “crafting cost multiplier” setting to be displayed in the server browser.

How would you define “final product”? If it’s something that cannot be used to craft anything else, it would severely limit the number of items that benefit from the discount.

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