Crafting doesn't give EXP

Well I am levelling on another server and this bug is still present

I tried to add it to my original but it was closed

When is this going to be fixed? I don’t want to hit 50 and have to grind through the last 10 levels without crafting exp.

The fix for the lack of crafting experience in the current test live build which is not ready to be released to the live servers yet.
The Conan Exiles coding team released that test live patch about 21/22 December. They got back from the Christmas/New Year break this week (eg about 7 Jan) … their estimate on getting the next patch ready is two - three weeks.
… and yes it totally sucks that the fix for the xp gain couldn’t be put into the pre-christmas hotfix for stuttering/lag issues …


Wow … I think I will step away from the game for a while. A pity I only been back 2 days. I can’t do it while it’s broke like this. I don’t have that much time like I used to.

I think the reason it is part of the bigger patch on test live is they tweaked the numbers, and wanted to make sure the tweaks are balanced correctly.

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I feel you, it is beyond a joke that this problem has been around since like November and they are still too lazy to fix it. The game is pretty much unplayable in its current state unless you can find a server with 20-30x mob XP rates :expressionless:

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Closing the topic as it is an issue that has been brought up many times and a fix has been issued in our Testlive patch.

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