Crafting queue bug

When you craft “item 1” that need “item 2” to be crafted before, if you eat, equip a tool or weapon … it cancel “item 1” and you just have “item 2”. Same for crafting benchs.

Example :

  • you craft a bedroll with fiber and branch.
  • you eat gruel or equip a stone pic.
  • you have only twin and no bedroll.

It is super annoying, especially when you craft something that takes a lot of time, for example armor. Perfected paddings start, you put/take stuff into/from the bench, the armor will not be crafted.
If I remember correctly, the devs are aware of that, because it is not a new bug, but I don’t think they prioritize it over a lot of things :slightly_frowning_face: .

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