Crafting silver coins with the improved furnace

We found a bug when trying to smelt silver bars into coins within the improved furnace. No matter how much silver bars we put in the furnace, we ended with 5 silver coins and 1 silver bar.

The bug doesn’t show with the normal furnace only the improved one

Greetings, when I have smelted down gold and silver ore in Improved Furnace into bars, then converted them into coins I would notice 60 gold coins had been made, then turning away and looking back I only had 10 gold coins. This has happened to me before converting silver bars into silver coins. This happened on PC private server.

These issues might be due to the fact that the furnace can also smelt coins back into bars. In each case there is some loss, so if you leave your furnace unattended when smelting, it’ll keeps smelting them back and forth until you have too little to convert.

Perhaps this should looked at and avoided. Such as furnace turning off whilst coins have been made. We all can’t stand watching the furnace.

Hence my post in Suggestions:

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