Crafting station placement indicator needs a marker showing front end

The reason I think that the front end of a station should be easy to identify when placing a crafting station is simple. As it stands, there is a good chance that a player will unwillingly have his thrall stick through a wall and show on the outside of a building.

This happened to me with several stations in the past and I had to place some then destroy them only to figure it out. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy for the advanced potion brewing station. The only way to know which side is the front is by correctly identifying the embers under the bowl.


I have this issue more with the stove, personally, but yes, I agree!

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Yes and the thrall sticking out the wall so anyone can loot the station.

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I’m just going to go ahead and bump some topics now that the game’s been released and once more next week. To hopefully get past the dev’s post launch crunch time since these are issues I believe should be adressed as soon as the devs can.

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Everything should really have those directional arrows they started with on chairs, boxes, etc.

Bonfire, cauldrons, stove, campfire need this arrow badly so you can figure the front and where the thrall will go when put inside.