Crafting torches

Hi. I play Conan Exiles on PlayStation 4 and I am unable to unlock the other torches and any other light fixtures… What am I doing wrong?

You mean besides the basic torches? Do you have the level and points available to unlock them?

Did you unlock the torch in the survival tab? That one is a prerequisite for the light sources found under the decorations tab.

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Note that the “Improvised Torch” is not the same as a “regular” Torch. It’s the latter you need for the standing/hanging versions of the torch.

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Yes. I have plenty of points but when I tap on any of the light sources…nothing happens…

Yes I did. I have plenty of points but when I tap on the other light sources(standing torches etc.) Nothing happens

Are you playing on a modded server? If yes, click on the torch under the decorations tab and look at the right window where it should show the prerequisites. Maybe some modder added more prerequsites other than the standard torch.

I believe Brenda asks about unlocking the recipes, not building the placeables at the workbench :wink:

Aye, but isn’t the “regular torch” feat a prerequisite of those, as well? Which may be confusing if one thinks it’s the same as the improvised version?

I am actually asking about both…do I need the workbench??I’m on level 17. But anyway go to the feats section and then decorations… So again do I need the workbench to craft wall torches,braziers etc?

lots of the torches are built in the artisan table

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Okay thanks to everyone who replied!!:grin:I figured it out!! But now I am stuck again… I unlocked everything but now I am unable to put the items in the area to craft the standing torch

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I have the artisan worktable and the other items to craft the wall torch and standing torch and nothing happens. What am i doing wrong?

Standing torch is hand crafted. You just need a regular torch and five branches in your inventory. You then craft it the same way you crafted the regular torch.

The wall torch and most other light sources is crafted at the artisan table. You have to put the regular torch and a branch in the table’s inventory, then craft the wall torch from that table.

And as someone mentioned earlier, make sure you’re using regular torches. Improvised torches are a different item and will not work.

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Regarding standing torches. I cannot recall if this factored into it or not, but also, ensure that the torch is in your inventory, and not equipped on the item wheel.

There is another type of standing torch, which is made on the artisan workbench.

Yes my items even the torches i crafted are in my inventory and I still can’t craft the standing torches. Do the torches have to be lit?

I put the branch and the torch in the worktable inventory and nothing is happening. Even with the standing torches(hand crafted)the items for the handcrafted standing torch are in my inventory and nothing happens

Dumb question, maybe: You DO click on the leftmost button of those on the lower right to start the crafting?
EDIT: I play on PC, it may be different on PS4, I do not know…

I believe it is L2 to start/stop the process.