Crafting xp bug, estimated date of fix?

My clan are trying to move from boosted to official and noticed crafting xp is still bugged. Any idea if/when a fix will come in? The grind on official is bad enough already, if a fix is round the corner, we can go back to boosted for a few weeks.

I believe it’s fixed on TestLive, and that build is going through final testing before being deployed to Live. Meaning it should be a matter of days at most, but (various uninformed rants aside) there are no guarantees as to exactly when the build meets the quality requirements.

I for one am just fine with it staying on TestLive until it’s good and ready, we’ve seen things pushed to Live too soon in the past, and the results were… not pretty.

See this topic, I believe it is the one that will be updated as things progress:

As of right now, the pertinent information (subject to change) is:

The patch is now targeted for release on Tuesday at 3pm CET.

Cheers for the reply mate. Yeah, I know that getting an exact date is not going to happen but it’s getting close to 1/4 of a year that this has been an issue. If it’s still way off, we’ll grind it out. I just don’t want the fix to drop after I grind to 60 on npcs and have no base. I’m on ps4 so it looks like the fix isn’t getting to us any time soon.

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Yeah I know the feeling. I have a character I’ve been meaning to finish leveling (currently sits at 30ish) and I too am waiting until crafting XP is back. Not that I’m against a nice little Black Hand genocide in the meantime, but even that gets old.

My mistake, missed that part. Well, for what it’s worth, console patches usually come in shortly after PC patches, though again there are no guarantees. Right now it looks like consoles are actually getting patched before PC this time, but it’s a hotfix only.

However, since Funcom’s schedule was clearly thrown out of wack by this patch (which is fair enough, they’re making the right call by pulling it back and fixing it), I wouldn’t be surprised to see the console patch delayed about another week or so - obviously that’s just my guess.

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Looks like I’ll be going on a killing spree then, cheers again for replying.

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As long as crafting xp has diminishing returns…

Love the building side of the game, but it’s conan… show me where he built stuff to get better stats?

And well, making one brick might add to your experience, or ten, but then a brick just becomes a brick…

If I’m wrong mc Donald’s burger flippers should be ruling the planet right now… :grimacing:

Hey there,

We fixed this issue on Testlive and it will go live soon. Here’s our most recent announcement about it:

Since there are a lot of threads open dealing with the release of this patch, we’re going to proceed to close this one.