Craftsman, Peasants & Civilians - Request for more civilian content & charakter-costumization

Dear Funcom,

I am playing CE for a long time now, since earlyaccess-release. We built up a nice Roleplay-Community and beside all issues, attending since game-start, I and I can say we, love the game. It´s nearly unique depending on the combination between setting, graphics, smoothly running game.
Even if there are no engine-quests to solve, you can´t actually find a better platform merging these aspects.
In my Opinion!

I also know that the artstyle is based on the comics and the scenes we have in mind, remembering the films. But for a more immersive ingame-feeling I would ask you to think about more civilian content.

Charakter-Costumization, as often asked for:

- options for skinny, fat, oldfaced, Chars less Bodybuilers in game, having nearly no differences to others
- more variation of hair & beardstyles

- more civilian clothing/working clothing. some less sexier stuff for women :wink:
- more special tools, like a saw, tool for bark, a carriage/cart, a scythe for harvesting wheat for example

Stuff like this, in a DLC for Craftsmen, Peasants & Civilians would be an eagerly awaitet gift to that part of the community, using Conan Exiles as immersive Role-Play-Platform.

That´s my point. Thanks for your Game and ongoing work on it.



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