Crash 1124 all time

**Game mode: OFICIAL
**Type of issue: They pull the server every 5 minutes, impossible to play
Server type: PVP
Region: Europa

[Describe the bug here]

Well, someone does not stop crashing the server and we can not create the protection bubbles, since we can not farming or craft, we need to ban who crashes the server or fix it fast, there is a risk of losing all the work done

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I do not know how the game that came out of early access can allow such errors and fix them for so long

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And Dev’s do nothing to fix it ;<

they do not fix this problem… they even delete our threads… same on 1111… no response nothing…

For server issues please use this form. (Source) If you found an exploit please use this form. form. (Source) If you have problems with griefing and harassment, you will find here the latest information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please use the e-mail ticket system or write a DM to one of the Community team.

profile steam:

they live inside the tower of C9 and they do not stop breaking the server, if this is what your community of legal players worries you, the game has no future, since you do not do anything against the scourge that only comes to expel players from your game. Good luck in your future

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