Crash after login

Crash after login
Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: Europe
After login on a server conan will close after a few seconds. Game is closed and i am back on the xbox start menu.
This error ONLY occurs if the server is not empty. If i am the first person on the server i can play the game. If a second person gets connected - the game crashes by this person after a few seconds. We tried it out with different login orders on our xbox server. The first person on the server can play the game - by other person login in after peron one the game will crash after a few seconds.

This problem does not only occur on our server. When trying offical servers we have the same problem.

Repro steps:

  1. Connect to an server that is not empty
  2. Crash after a few seconds.

We never had this problem on the pre release version since december 2017. So shame on you for releasing this buggy software! Totally desaster!

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Nobody else these problems? It seems to be a problem with G-PORTAL servers. On a free server i had no problems. On my own G-PORTAL Server and on all official Servers from G-PORTAL the error occurs. Maybe it would be great to give a speaking error message when conan dumps!!!

Assh***s don’t care. They got our $$.

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When will this issue be fixed???

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Same problem here. Xbox one X. No crashes on single player, only online…

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